Class change? Duran Hawk Angela Kevin?

  1. I want to have Duran as a Paladin and Hawk as a Nightblade or Ninja Master and was thinking of either Angela or Kevin but these last two i'm not sure what i can make them "scenarios for both". Please give me a lot of options to play with or suggest your ideas, i'm getting prepared for the remake in 2019. Thank you :).

    User Info: peperruti

    peperruti - 5 months ago


  1. First: you'd probably get more responses asking on the boards.

    Second: Duran can heal as a paladin however its single target, if you need MT healing then kevin can go warrior monk, otherwise stick him as either a Dervish or a Godhand. the former gives Moon Saber support to the party while the latter gives Aura Wave which can clear rooms by itself when used on someone with a great Full Screen Tech (what a coincidence! he has one!)

    Angela can help clear screens later as a Magus. but other than that she's honestly fairly useless. i'd personally advise against her but if you must use her, then Magus or Grand Divina.

    User Info: MachoPony

    MachoPony - 5 months ago 0   0

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