In Secret of Mana, is there a way to get the 9th level sword orb?

  1. I have all the level 9 weapons except the sword. I have tried the old glitch method by saving at Neko in the Ice Country, starting a new game and getting to the first boss and resetting then loading the main game but it didn't work. It just corrupted my save file and loaded a black screen. Lucky I had saved a back up file. Does anyone else know if it can be done on the Nintendo Switch?

    User Info: Mooboymoo

    Mooboymoo - 6 months ago

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  1. This glitch was patched out of the PAL version of the game, shortly after it was released in North America. as such its not without reason to think this port would patch it too. the main thing to note is if you try landing near neko and it places you one screen south of where he is, instead of in the same screen as him. then no, its been patched.

    User Info: MachoPony

    MachoPony - 6 months ago 1   0


  1. It all depends on what version of Secret of Mana you're playing. I played the English (US) version and I was able to perform the 9th sword orb glitch just fine. But a few words of caution; when soft resetting during the Mantis Ant fight, make sure you hold down the L,R, Select and Start for at least five seconds because I believe what corrupted your save file was you didn't hold the buttons down long enough. Also, don't forge the sword to the Mana Sword until after you speak with the king and Jema at Tasnica castle after killing the Dark Stalker or it'll cause a bug that will prevent you from progressing, thus forcing you to restart from square one. I found that out the hard way. And don't do the glitch once you've forged the sword to the Mana Sword. I Hope this helps.

    User Info: Raidramon0

    Raidramon0 - 6 months ago 0   1
  2. You can get the 9th orb in the mana fortress I think from black ninjas but it is a rare drop you can get multiple weapon orbs there infact

    User Info: PaladinAlik

    PaladinAlik - 5 months ago 1   2
  3. Unless they patched in a 9th orb for the sword for this collection, which I doubt, this is incorrect.

    You have never been able to get the 9th orb from any drop, from any enemy in the game. This is because (spoiler) Dryad's "saber" ability is "Mana Magic" and requires a cast from both the sprite and the girl to "forge the Mana Sword and this is only possible before and during the final battle with the mana beast. The Mana Sword is semi story-locked and linked to the death of the the penultimate boss of the Mana Fortress. This is why there are no enemies who can drop the 9th orb.

    The ninjas do drop the boomerang orb though and you can get all other orbs from the fortress :-)

    User Info: Kidancer

    Kidancer - 5 months ago
  4. In fact I have the mana sword on my SNES cart so I can confirm it worked at least in the SNES game but given this appears to be unaltered rom it should work here as well.

    User Info: PaladinAlik

    PaladinAlik - 4 months ago

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