1. Infinite Items

    To start, this requires two Switch accounts with online connectivity, though they can be on the same device and using the same copy of Three Houses. Both accounts must have a save that has progressed to the point of being able to send/receive travellers. One account (the sender) must have at least one of the item that the other account (the receiver) wants.

    The sending account makes a save, then selects a character to be their traveller, and selects the desired item as their local specialty (ie. a highly upgraded weapon, a seal, rare food ingredient etc). They send the traveler, then save in a new slot. The receiving account then proceeds to explore, and buy the item from the sending account's traveller (make sure friend-travellers have priority in the options). You may need to proceed to the next week to refresh the travellers that are in your area.

    On the sending account you can reload the previous save from before you sent the item, so you never lose the stock, but the receiving account still gets their copy of it.

    As this trick can require passing time to refresh travellers and spending money to buy the sent items, it works very well in conjunction with the "repeatable months" trick. The items that can be duplicated are limited to those that the traveller can hold. If the account you want to receive the item is also the only one holding the item you want to duplicate, you can use the trick to duplicate it to the other account, so they have a copy of it to send back.
    Contributed By: jaxson_bateman
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  2. Infinite Renown and Money

    This glitch requires the Cindered Shadows DLC. In addition, you need over 65,000 Renown to start using the glitch, so it's pretty much locked to New Game+, which means you can't cheese early runs with it.

    The basic glitch is the following:

    - In the Pagan Altar in the DLC area, you can offer Renown in exchange for items. There is a glitch: if you buy more than 65536 Renown worth of items, the game will wrap that number around and you'll only have to pay for the amount over that.

    - So if you buy 65600 Renown of items, you only have to pay the overflow, which is 64 Renown.

    - You buy 82 of the 800-cost Sword+/Lance+ (cost: 65600 = 64) or 66 of the 1000-cost Killer Knuckles (cost: 66000 = 464).

    - You then take the piles of very valuable items you just bought back up to the surface, and can sell them for crazy amounts of money. A stack of 82 Silver Sword+ is worth 47560 gold, and a stack of 66 Killer Knuckles is worth 82,500.

    - You can then use some or all of this cash to buy seeds from the merchants aboveground.

    - Finally, go back below ground and offer the non-flower seeds to the Pagan Altar and get back way more Renown than you started with.
    Contributed By: somebody28
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  3. Repeat the month glitch

    With this glitch, you are able to loop back to the very beginning of the month instead of moving on to the next mission and chapter. With this glitch, you'll be able to re-explore the month, obtain monthly church donations again (White Clouds Section), accept new Gazebo items, garden as many times as you want, level up Professor Level, skills, cook (4 Max) and share meals endlessly. What's more, weekly tasks and skill EXP will continue to grow for all units.

    To activate glitch, you must be on a certain chapter or month in which the mission is not on the last day of the month, earliest example would be Chapter 4.

    The second condition of the glitch is that you must be at least two to four weeks away before the mission begins.

    Open up the Main Menu and open the Calendar.

    Highlight the end of the month mission date and press A. Two options are prompted. "View Details" and "Skip to Date".

    Highlight "Skip to Date" and then hold right (Analog or Digital) and press the A button. Another prompt asks if you are sure to skip.

    Notice the detail tab on the left side. If the tab does not display the missions detail or shows a different detail, you did it and confirm skip.

    If not, press B to cancel and try again until you got it.

    After that, you should be able to auto-instruct and view the cut scenes for the month. And then, you should be able to loop back to the beginning of the month and re-explore the month.
    Contributed By: RecklessGreen
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  1. Clear Game Renown Bonus

    Every time you clear the game you get 10,000 Renown to carry over to a NG+. This stacks up to 50,000 Renown e.g. clear the game twice and you get 20,000 Renown for your 3rd playthrough. There is also a bonus given for the difficulty you clear the game on. Normal: 3,000 Hard: 6,000 Maddening: 9,000
    Contributed By: CR1M50N
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  2. New Game+

    Complete the game on any route and New Game+ will be unlocked. When you begin a New Game+ file, you can carry over any support level, weapon level, attire, mastery abilities, and crests (in the form of items) at the cost of renown.
    Contributed By: Spoinkfan718
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