Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Nintendo Switch)

What are the best cavalry classes for Black Eagles?

  1. I'm trying to beat Crimson Flower by only using non-flying mounted classes and I'm wondering what class is the best for each character. I know that Bernadetta is a perfect Bow Knight and that Hubert is suitable as a Dark Knight but I'm not sure about the other characters. I've also decided that I'd use Edelgard as a Valkyrie or Dark Knight because I've found out that she's actually a decent mage and because playing her as an axe-based character again would be boring. So yeah, that's my question: what is the best class for each character? I'd also like it if you could please suggest a build in your answer. Oh and I'll also recruit Marianne, Mercedes, Ignatz and maybe Constance but it's mostly to complete the supports.
    samlink91 - 3 days ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. Well Ferdinand is your obvious go to for great knight and Linhardt being more of a cleric can easily slide into holy knight. Petra could also work as a bow knight. Dorothea would have to be dark knight or Valkyrie. Which leaves Caspar who would also have to be great knight since it's really the only master cavalry class he could fit into.
    Dusty128 - 3 days ago - report
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