Is it worth it to reach Mastery with Beginner classes or should I go straight for Intermediate classes when available?

  1. Doing my first playthrough and while I'm in the most chill difficulty possible (Normal and no permadeaths) I'd like to try to understand the mindset with which to approach class development.

    User Info: MaroonMusician1

    MaroonMusician1 - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Even on Maddening mode, it can be difficult to get enough battles to master the Beginner classes. In all honesty +2 to a stat doesn't really do much for a unit, especially not on Normal mode where enemies are pretty weak overall. With only 5 skill slots you'll find that you won't have room for the +2 stats pretty quickly, so if you don't master the Beginner class I wouldn't stress over it. The Intermediate skills are way more important overall.

    User Info: MrCactuar

    MrCactuar (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 3   2

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  1. Certifying for Intermediate classes immediately is generally better, yes. I still think it's worth mastering the beginner classes because the movement CAs like Reposition and Draw Back are exceptionally useful, and having +2 to Strength or Speed is nice to have, especially early-game. The extra stats will eventually fall off, but being able to change the position of some units without needing a spell or Divine Pulse to do so is exceptionally handy, and I recommend mastering Beginner if only for that.

    That being said, if I were to rank the importance of ability mastery between the various class tiers, it would generally be Intermediate > Beginner > Advanced > Noble > Master.

    The Intermediate classes give you abilities that are essentially free damage or speed buffs on Player Phase and generally better Hit/Avo, which become a lot more relevant on higher difficulties but are still great on Normal.

    The Beginner abilities and CAs are handy but not to the level of the Intermediate abilities.

    Some Advanced classes give you excellent CAs like Hunter's Volley and Fierce Iron Fist, but most of the abilities themselves are just kinda whatever.

    Mastering Noble is likely to happen with several of your characters anyway but whether or not they get the +5 HP doesn't really matter in the end, and only Bernadetta actually wants it even more so than +2 Strength.

    You're not likely to master any of the Master classes except for maybe War Master on any given playthrough because those classes don't come online until really late-game and it's possible you'll finish the game before you can even master any of those classes, and the only one actually worth mastering is the aforementioned War Master.

    Hope this general advice helps.

    User Info: ThatGuy69420

    ThatGuy69420 - 4 weeks ago 3   0

Other Answers

  1. Fighter is really worth it because Str+2 will allow some of your stronger characters to reach ohko thresholds for weaker enemies like archers/mages, by midgame, such as Raphael with guantlets bc that +2 becomes a +4. Combine this with Fistfaire (Grappler), deathblow (Brigand), and that becomes +26 damage on player phase which will let you kill most enemies before the time skip even without special combat arts like Fierce Iron Fist. This doesn't just apply to Ralp. Get any character with a special combat art like Ferdinand with Swift Strikes.

    Speed +2 is also nice for doubling in case Byleth has trouble reaching double thresholds/you don't have darting blow yet, and EVERY MAGE WANTS Magic +2 because killing thresholds are so steep.

    Def+2 is actual trash tho.

    Always assuming maddening. In hard you can run magic Caspar/petra (I've tried lol) and safely double/kill by Crimson Flower's endgame, which isn't strategic imo.

    User Info: gamescore123

    gamescore123 - 3 weeks ago 1   1
  2. If you're able to certify for a new class, always do so immediately. You can freely switch back to the previous class whenever you want. As for mastery, you really don't need to while playing on normal. I'd say only grab them if you really want the abilities and CAs you get from them.

    User Info: EpicJourney

    EpicJourney (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 0   1
  3. Oftentimes, mastering should be left for getting the skills you need, like Deathblow.
    Also, I think non-Maddening mode will allow more leeway to do so.
    Once in NG+, you can buy those skills without grinding (because you have once obtained them through mastering).

    User Info: Sezt

    Sezt - 3 weeks ago 0   1

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