Are any of my Avatars stats RNG-Blessed or RNG-Screwed?

  1. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be asking similar questions about my Avatars, those that are initially members of 1 House, Church Staff and from DLC, I’ll only list their levels, stats and the stat boosters I used on them and I want you me which, if any, stats are RNG-Blessed or RNG-Screwed

    So lets start with The Avatars from my 5 completed playthroughs and 1 playthrough that’s underway and I’m also saying were their names are from

    Stat boosters used

    Enough to give Avatar 6 +8 Hp and +4 to her other 8 stats, to give Avatars 4 and 5 +25Hp, +14 Lck and +11 each to their other 7 stats, to give Avatars 2 and 3 +9 Hp, +5 Lck and +4 each to their other 7 stats and to give Avatar 1 +6Hp, +3 Lck and +2 each to his other 8 stats

    The actual Avatars

    From completed playthroughs



    Isthar and she’s named after my favorite member of The Camus Archtype



    She is A Level 6 Commoner. Level 25 Myrmidon. Level 53 Enlightened One. Her stats are 74Hp, Str 47, Mag 32, Dex 45, Spd 44, Lck 45, Def 35, Res 28 and Ch 43



    Mr X and he’s named after my favorite villain from A Game by Sega

    He is A Level 15 Commoner. Level 26 Mercenary. Level 48 Enlightened One. Level 58 Mortal Savant and his stats are 97Hp, Str 60, Mag 41, Dex 53, Spd 50, Lck 59, Def 43, Res 38 and Ch 57



    Xenia and she’s named after A 1-off villain from my Code Lyoko Dreams and in it she was The Alias that Xanna took when he managed to materialize himself into the real world

    She is A Level 29 Commoner. Level 30 Cavalier. Level 47 Holy Knight. Level 47 Fortress Knight. Level 49 Holy Knight. Level 55 Enlightened One and her stats are 87Hp, Str 51, Mag 39, Dex 42, Spd 45, Lck 45, Def 34, Res 36 and Ch 43



    Greystag and she’s named after my favorite character from The Very Old TV Show Knightmare

    She is A Level 34 Commoner. Level 36 Warlock. Level 37 Holy Knight. Level 57 Mortal Savant. Level 64 Enlightened One and her stats are 101Hp, Str 74, Mag 56, Dex 57, Spd 60, Lck 56, Def 51, Res 55 and Ch 68


    Brian B and he’s named after the best friend I had whilst I was a child

    He is A Level 31 Commoner. Level 53 Mortal Savant. Level 79 Enlightened One and his stats are 101Hp, Str 71, Mag 53, Dex 61, Spd 60, Lck 56, Def 48, Res 45 and Ch 68

    Playthroughs that are underway

    1st and only


    Erinna B and she is named after my favorite character from my Code Lyoko Dreams that doesn’t appear in The Code Lyoko TV Show

    She is A Level 30 Commoner. Level 38 Dark Knight and her stats are 56Hp, Str 31, Mag 24, Dex 31, Spd 28, Lck 27, Def 26, Res 21 and Ch 33

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