Who are the best and worst out of the Ashen Wolves characters?

  1. I wanted to know the best and worst characters out of the Ashen Wolves? In terms of combat and fight skills.

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  1. Basically, the answer comes down to "Yes, they're good, provided you know how to 'build' and use them effectively."

    Of the 4, Yuri is easily the most versatile and flexible, but he really seems to shine most as a Trickster or Assassin. Personally, I'd probably make him an Assassin only until he learns Lethality, and then make him a Trickster so that he can basically become a "Red Mage" from Final Fantasy (effective in melee combat, with offensive magic, and healing/support magic). Yuri's so well-rounded that I'd say that only Byleth him/herself would really outshine him in that regard.

    Balthus is, as one might expect, a superb brawler and can also become pretty "beefy" to the point that he could likely tank a bit if you needed him to do so. I'd probably just stick him in the class he has in Cindered Shadows and call it a day, since as a War Monk he's a great front-line unit who also brings a bit of utility with his ability to also use magic (in particular, you could even use him as a sort of emergency healer since he can gain access to Heal at the very least).

    Constance is pretty much designed to be the classic "squishy mage", she can't really take a hit (even Lysithea takes a hit better than Constance does, unless she's being targeted by magic, then she seems to be able to tank magic hits with ease for the most part). So, just make her a Dark Flier, Valkyrie, or Gremory and keep her well out of range of any enemies that can hit her with physical damage and she should do fine. As long as you don't try making her a front line unit, she should work well for you.

    Hapi to me seems to be the most lackluster as while she's not "awful" there are other units who do her "job" too, only BETTER. The main exception to this is when dealing with Monster enemies, as she has guaranteed effectiveness against them, so you may want to try using her as more of an Anti-Monster unit rather than one you use at all times. But if you're careful not to leave her exposed, she can be plenty effective.

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  1. Yuri is perfect as either a Trickster or an Assassin, simply due to his insane speed. Plus, he can really do some damage in both strength and magic, so it's up to you. Any brawling class will work for Balthus, usually Grappler, War Monk or War Master is the way to go for him. Constance is a great mage, but even though she has a budding talent for brawling, she's actually a terrible candidate for a War Cleric. That and she's even more frail than Lysithea. The popular choice is either make her a Dark Flier or a Valkyrie, even making her a Gremory may not be a bad idea. Hapi has even less options, she's alright as a mage, but in a field where Hubert, Lysithea, Annette and even Dorothea outclass her in every way as a heavy-hitting mage, there's not a lot of options for her, you can make her a Valkyrie, but the way to really have her shine is as a Gremory.

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  2. Constance > Yuri = Hapi > Balthus

    No idea, why everyone here says that Constance is more frail than Lysithea, she has higher Growth in Def and Res than Lysithea and same HP. Maybe because her Spd Growth is bad. She has Bolting and the best Mag Growth together with Lysithea, which makes her the perfect choose for Gremory, always use Dark Flyer before Gremory, to help her SPD Growth a bit, because this is rather weak same as Annette. But in the End she is one of the best Offensive Mages, the best Black Magic user, while Lysithea is the Dark Magic one.

    Yuri has really good Growth and especially great Speed Growth, which makes him quite good. But he has weakness in Flying and Riding, which robs him of more potential.

    Hapi is a really good Healer, which has some good Offensive Spells as well. And the Riding Strength means she can go into Dark Knight or Holy Knight rather good. With her Growth her Physical Damage is not to bad as well.

    Worst is Balthus, his biggest problem is the bad Dex, he has the worst Growth in this from all Units in the Game. Which means his Hit Rate is really bad and you can forget to crit with him. Spd is bad as well, still better than Dedue and Raphael, regardless rather bad. His main strength are the good Def. Still think Caspar is better than Balthus, if you want a Gauntlet User. (For War Master) Catherine is a great Gauntlet User as well. (For War Cleric) So dont really see why you should use him for Gauntlet, if at all would use him as Fortress Knight.

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  3. Depends on the use. Any character in this game could be good. Yuri and Balthus are the best for me. I'd recommend turning Yuri into either a Trickster or Assassin. For Balthus, anything with brawling. Constance and Hapi are probably the worst out of the bunch. Constance is a great mage but is way more fragile than Lysithea. Hapi is fragile and doesn't do that great of damage.

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  4. Yuri > Hapi > Balthus > Constance

    Yuri despite his many banes has key strengths and big versatility that make him one of the best units in the game

    He has authority boon, budding talent on bows that gives him deadeye, his passive is freeish 3 damage, and synergizes well with warmonk (good option) or just patching up his damage. He also has so much speed that he can use heavier weapons and still double. He's basically +spd - atk felix but with an authority boon that let's him always make up for the damage with a better battalion.

    Hapi has physic, warp, and utility dark spells. All her attacks do effective damage versus monsters, meaning you instantly break one of their shields. Her baiting passive works well with impregnable wall. She also has riding boon so after getting B reason A faith you just set her on authority/riding for the rest of the game and you're fine

    Balthus is the best designated gauntlet user. His passive when procced is +12 to +24 if quadding, extra damage, he has a adjutant bonus (+1 to 3 damage) with Hilda, this makes up for the lack of good gauntlet combat art. He has pretty good growths and like all the other ashen wolves, comes at lv3 in chapter 2 for free so he already has a head start on your units and can carry.

    Constance passive let's her rng some free meteor usages, other than that... She has rescue I guess. She's a nuke

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