What characters have Sacred Weapons?

  1. I wanted to know which characters had Sacred Weapons and if Hapi and Constance had any special weapon.

    User Info: Trainer22

    Trainer22 - 1 month ago

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  1. There are 9 obtainable in game, many are route exclusive.
    Seiros Shield - non-CF (Edelgard is the only playable character with that crest)
    Spear of Assal and Ochain Shield (Seteth and Ferdinand; shield is non-CF)
    Caduceus Staff (Flayn and Linhardt)
    The Inexhaustible (Bernadetta and Hanneman; note that neither can use it properly)
    Axe of Ukonvasara (Lorenz and Lysithea; non-CF; note that neither can use it properly)
    Tathlum Bow (Mercedes and Jeritza; AM only; note that Mercedes can't use it properly)
    Sword of Moralta (Felix; AM only)
    Sword of Begalta (Claude; VW only)

    User Info: EpicJourney

    EpicJourney (Expert) - 1 month ago 1   0

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