What do you think of these Fire Emblem RPG Characters?

  1. I've stopped doing The RPG I mentioned a few weeks ago and instead me and a friend are doing A Fire Emblem RPG that’s A Fire Emblem Version off of my Dreams of The TV Show Code Lyoko and thus has some not from The Show. I've even listed what Archtype some of them are

    This RPG even includes A Alternate Reality version of Xanna who is The Main Good Guys Goodie and Jeremy and Aleita’s Time Travelling Twins Erin and Erinna. So what do you think?

    Also Yumi is A Soldier Version of The Shiida Archtype that's normally A Pegasus Knight and as Ulric is his Countries missing since less then 2 hours old Crown Prince and now rightful she is to Ulric what Shiida is to Marth).

    Lords or social equivalent

    Aleita. She is A Level 19 Warrior Sorceress. Level 4 Warrior Priestess. Queen. S with Swords. A with Staffs. D with Tomes. E with Bows

    Jeremy. He is A Level 19 Fighter. Level 6 Warrior. S with Axes. C with Bows


    Jim(The Jeigan). He is A Level 13 Armour Axe. Level 5 Axe General. S with Axes. C with Lances

    Xanna(Oifrey). He is A Level 13 Cavalier. Level 7 Paladin. S with Lances. B with Swords. D with Axes

    Ulrich(combines best bits of Navvare and (Sword using Jeorge). He is A Level 17 Myrmidon. Level 5 Swordmaster. S with Swords

    Yumi(Soldier version of Shiida). She is A Level 14 Soldier. Level 5 Lancer. S with Lances. C with Swords

    Odd(a commoner version of A Jeorge). He is A Level 19 Archer. A with Bows

    William(Ogma). He is A Level 20 Mercenary. Level 5 Hero. A with Swords. C with Axes

    Milly and Tamia(Lena’s). You use Milly every odd numbered Chapter and Tamia every even numbered Chapter and they both always have the same levels, stats and weapon ranks. Both Level 12 Clerics. Level 2 Bishops. B’s with Staffs. D’s with Tomes

    Hiroki and Johnny(Julians). You use Hiroki on the same maps as Milly(every odd numbered Chapter) and Jonny on the same maps as Tamia(every even numbered Chapter) and they both always have the same levels, stats and weapon ranks. Both Level 13 Thieves. Level 1 Assassins. A’s with Swords. D’s with Bows

    Tania(Merric). She is A Level 13 Mage. Level 3 Sage. B with Tomes. D with Staffs

    Erin(Red Cavalier). . He is A Level 13 Monk-Knight. A with Light. with Lances

    Erinna(Green Cavalier). She is A Level 13 Shaman-Knight, B with Dark. C with Lances

    Miss Hertz(Wendell). She is A Level 14 Mage. Level 5 Sage. A with Tomes. C with Staffs

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  1. This is the kind of thing that you should put in the message boards. The Q&A section is for when you need concrete answers to a question.

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