any advice on beating the final boss in cindered shadows?

  1. i always get down to the last two hp bars but cant seem to get past that?
    my levels are
    linhardt -28

    User Info: nekohilary

    nekohilary - 1 week ago


  1. Attack the clones as soon as they appear. Balthus should be able to one round one of the clones, and Hapi and Constance can take down the other one. Hapi and Constance (my experience was on hard mode) will get doubled by the boss and most likely die, so put them on clone duty.

    With the remaining 8 characters, if the boss isn't going to do the full map attack, have someone who can survive a hit use a gambit to draw the boss's attention. After using the gambit, wail on the boss with your other units. Remember that Byleth has Ruptured Heaven and the house leaders each have a monster effective combat art.

    After the boss attacks the gambit user, the full map attack will be prepped up. This attack WILL kill anyone who doesn't have >25% health. A good way to keep track is to just remember that 25% of 60 is 15, so when in doubt, pop a concoction (which conveniently drops from the clones the boss spawns.) Once the attack goes off, your entire party will be shuffled around, but you should still be able to bring down the clones when they spawn next turn. Use Yuri's Foul Play if your clone killers are too far away.

    Repeating the above strategy is how I was able to take down the boss on hard mode without any deaths, and be sure to give everyone concoctions in their inventories before actually starting the fight.

    I've heard there is a strategy where you hit and run with Dimitri/Claude/Yuri because they have canto, but I've never tried that strategy myself. I would think that method would take a lot longer, but it's safer because you can completely avoid the boss's full screen attack if the boss never does a normal attack during enemy phase.

    User Info: HolyAarom

    HolyAarom - 1 week ago 0   0

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