All my units died except Byleth and Dimitri. Should I restart?

  1. I was doing a battle on a Sunday. I forgot permadeath was on, and I let every character die and saved overtop on the same file, thinking I could get them back. When I didn’t see any of them there, I panicked. I’m pretty far into the game, in Chapter 3, Garland Moon. There’s nothing I can do to go back to a previous save. Is the game possible/worth playing with only Byleth and Dimitri? What should I do?

    User Info: lotrfanatic8

    lotrfanatic8 - 4 days ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Just restart..... chapter 3 is super early. My suggestion is make a save in a new slot the start of every week of the month and only overwrite with the same week of the previous month

    User Info: AnimatedJester

    AnimatedJester - 4 days ago 1   0
  2. That said, I am curious as to what on earth you did to lose everyone in chapter 3

    User Info: AnimatedJester

    AnimatedJester - 4 days ago
  3. I'm not really sure what happened. This is my first tactical RPG. Is it even possible to beat the game with only two units, or do I NEED to restart?

    User Info: lotrfanatic8

    lotrfanatic8 - 4 days ago
  4. Just restart. If you can manage to get all your units killed so early, you're not going to survive the next part

    User Info: MellowV2

    MellowV2 - 3 days ago
  5. Is it Possible? Yes. For someone new to an SRPG? Probably not....? Just always remember that no one can see what way you cleared the game so there is no shame in playing on casual mode if you want to take the first run as a way to familiarize yourself with this style of game, especially if it is your FIRST.

    One last tip if you do decide to go forward on classic is that hitting 'L+R+plus+minus' simultaneously is the soft reset should you feel the need to reload a save at the start of a fight. Also use Divine Pulse if you make mistakes, that is what they are there for. Just keep in mind that the RNG rolls do not change on a DP (if the enemy crits and kills you a DP wont stop that from happening again) you need to get the RNG to reroll by doing something to change the odds (gambits, rally skills, attack with a different unit)

    User Info: AnimatedJester

    AnimatedJester - 3 days ago

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  1. Yeah, definitely restart. You're nowhere close to the point of no return (just a metaphor, isn't actually a thing) but if you had that much trouble, play on Casual. It still has the fun challenging aspects, and if you really want to play on the highest difficulty, go for it. But if EVERYONE got crushed, even Dedue...
    "You picked the wrong house fool!"

    User Info: OracleEleven

    OracleEleven - 3 days ago 1   0

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