What is the best house to choose for the NG Maddening clear and who should I recruit for it?

  1. I ma about to clear my second playthrough of Hard Mode and realize with the renown boosts from NG+ it feels too easy, and while I plan to continue the chain (probably go for maddening for house 3,) I want to actually go for a game clear of a NG Maddening run and am curious what Route is best suited to clear it and then what out of house units i should recruit? This will be my first foray into maddening/lunatic in an FE game so I am unsure how much the difficulty ramp up is and what things I should be aware of going into it.

    User Info: AnimatedJester

    AnimatedJester - 1 week ago

Accepted Answer

  1. For the easiest overall experience I'd say Golden Deer.

    Black Eagles have major difficulties early game that they really need filled (no tank so they need someone like Sylvain, no Rally Str/Spd) and are barred from getting Catherine or Cyril. Crimson Flower has an easier lategame and no Cancer by Daybreak though.

    Blue Lions overall have by far the easiest early game, however their ch 13 and lategame are the hardest and if you don't know how to cheese Endgame, that's the worst map in the entire game.

    Golden Deer is the sweet middle ground. Their early game is only slightly worse than Blue Lions, their lategame is overall easy cruising and while they do have HBD, flying Claude and Ashes and Dust help immensly for it.

    The best recruits would be Petra, Linhardt, Felix, Annette, Sylvain and Ingrid.

    User Info: Rengor1997

    Rengor1997 - 5 days ago 1   0
  2. And who would those recruitment choices be replacing from the House?

    User Info: AnimatedJester

    AnimatedJester - 5 days ago
  3. Do note my playstyle is probably far from what'd be considered normal but for golden deer:

    Ignatz, Raphael and Lorenz should just get dropped imo. The first 2 can still use rallies early game but investing exp into them is overall worse than just using replacements.

    Hilda and Marianne I'd say it depends on their levels if you keep them or no. Leonie and Lysithea should be kept.

    Some faculty members to also consider using are Catherine, Cyril, Shamir, Seteth and Alois.

    Try to make a team of Byleth, Claude + 9 total - the final 2 maps are the only ones that allow total deployment of 12 so have a backup utility unit for that deployment slot. Try to mix and match a team comp out of these units.

    User Info: Rengor1997

    Rengor1997 - 3 days ago

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  1. I dont think you can change the difficulty between NGs but if you can kudos.

    Black Eagles are solid to me but any house will do.

    Be ready for loads of Pass enemies early game.

    User Info: fireemblemomega

    fireemblemomega - 1 week ago 1   0
  2. You can change difficulty whenever you start a new playthrough and Thanks, Guess I will do Black Eagles and try to pick up Lys, Mercedes, and anette

    User Info: AnimatedJester

    AnimatedJester - 6 days ago

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