Can i "Cherry Pick"?

  1. I'm just starting my second playthrough and I was wondering if I can "cherry pick" for lack of a better term other people from houses? I mean more like is there a limit to my class roster and how I go about doing it permanently. I'm joining the black eagles but theres people from the deer I really loved having and a few from the lions that were interesting, I'm just wondering how to go about doing it. Thanks for your time.

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    GenChicken45 - 2 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes

    Recruit Lysithea. Train her Reason to B to get Dark Spikes which deals with a boss called Death Knight

    Recruit Felix for that insane base STR and SPD. He is good as a Warmaster if you want to train him in Knuckles

    Ferdinand and Sylvain are good because they get Swift Strikes at Lance rank A which make any lance to a Brave lance.
    Sylvain is recruitable with no requirements if you are female Byleth

    Mercedes and Marianne are the best healers.

    These are the MUST recruits

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  1. You can recruit *almost* any character from any house; the exceptions are the house leaders (Dimitri, Claude, Edelgard) and their 'retainers' of sorts (Dedue, Hubert and Hilda, though the girl's only unavailable when teaching Black Eagles; she can be recruited if teaching Blue Lions).

    To recruit students from other classes, Byleth needs to have specific stats and Skill levels; these requirements can be reduced by having higher Support levels with each student.

    A handy website is serenesforest(dot)net/three-houses/characters/recruitment/, which lists all the requirements needed to obtain each student.

    Also, there is no real 'cap' on the number of units you can have; the only limit is who's obtainable depending on which path you're on.

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Other Answers

  1. There isnt a limit to your character roster bar from what route you pic in black eagle and who you did/nt pick. To make it clear.

    In blue lion
    *Not recruiting either ferdinand and lorenz will cause them to die in battle if you attack them
    *Not recruiting mercedes in this route will cause the scene with death knight to be missed

    In black eagle sothis route
    *You could miss recruiting hilda as her window is only the ch12 and thats only worth 1 week of exploration and 1 week of other activity
    *Ashe and lorenz will die if attacked when not recruited

    In black eagle edelgard route
    *Character not recruited will become enemies at some point and will be killed
    *The only serios character that will stay with you is hanneman, manuela, alois and shamir.

    In golden deer route
    *Ashe and ferdinand will be killed if attacked when not recruited

    All in all, only ashe, ferdinand and lorenz seems to have a significant 8mpact on wether to take em or no as you could kill em. Those that you didnt recruit will just stay in their domain, subservient to the empire.

    My only tip is play as you see fit. If you dont know how to power game 3h yet, i would suggest to just take it easy(not difficulty) and just have fun.y first run is blue lion and i was stuck with a few out of class recruits and i had to kill ferdinand and lorenz on that run. Once you know the ins and outa of the game, you could easily recruit any or all characters in one run.

    Another tip of mine is when the wave 4 hits, try to play as the 4th house AND then either cherry pich the other three houses students or gram em all for a grand jamborie of miscreants in a spiffy uniforms. Also dem dark flies are gonna be awesome if it still has that second move ability.

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  2. "*Not recruiting mercedes in this route will cause the scene with death knight to be missed"

    ...Except that Mercedes IS a Blue Lion; she automatically joins if you teach the Blue Lions.

    User Info: Akira_Kurusu22

    Akira_Kurusu22 - 2 weeks ago
  3. Right. I messed up on that one. I must have confused her with something i was gonna point out but i forgot it now. What i do recall is you might need caspar to be in your team and have him kill the death knight to nab his scythe of sariel and maybe you would also miss the rafail gem when mercedes isnt recruited when in other house. I dunno if its possible that way since you lose unit not recruited in any non edelgard route by staying home.

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    ASCIIgodEX - 2 weeks ago
  4. Sidenote: i just remember what i was gonna say about mercedes and the death knight scene and that was mercedes is needed and maybe the true ending of her paralogue and she must be alive obviously.

    User Info: ASCIIgodEX

    ASCIIgodEX - 2 weeks ago
  5. You need Caspar to have the paralogue that gets you the extended death knight scene

    User Info: kliss_attack

    kliss_attack - 2 weeks ago

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