How do I view the profiles of characters NOT in my party?

  1. Mostly for lost items and stuff. Not their gameplay stats; just their profile (basically the Notes tab only).

    User Info: tjoeb123

    tjoeb123 - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You can't. Not possible to see the Roster of a person not in your army

    User Info: charcoalswift

    charcoalswift (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 0   0

Other Answers

  1. You cannot typically. At the beginning before you choose a house you can see every person there but otherwise you're kinda stuck. Also the Church members are in that cannot see boat.

    User Info: fireemblemomega

    fireemblemomega - 4 weeks ago 0   0
  2. Therr is a workaround. But you can only do it on one character not on your class at a time. And you cant do it on jeritza. First hire them as helper, temporary member for a month. Next go to items. Hover on the hired member and press X. That should show the same status screen as a roster.

    User Info: ASCIIgodEX

    ASCIIgodEX - 4 weeks ago 0   0
  3. You can more simply then above, go to supports, then other houses then click X on who you want to view

    User Info: AzureFEF

    AzureFEF (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 0   0

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