How do you rate my idea?

  1. How do you rate the following idea for how to get weak characters to be very powerful very fast?

    Give the weak characters bows or something similiar, Start easy missions, then use characters with A Def Stat high enough that the enemy will do little if any damage to, use them as living walls to stop enemies from attacking your weaker units then have your weaker units gradually pick them off from a safe distance

    User Info: JMISBEST

    JMISBEST - 4 weeks ago
  2. As for your idea. Its a terrible idea in any stand point. Sending in tanks rarely work as most units are accompanied by a battalion and 3h ai seems to always wants to deal damage and if your tank unit aint charismatic enough, they will yake battalion damage and get rattled. Your plan would fall apart then.

    User Info: ASCIIgodEX

    ASCIIgodEX - 4 weeks ago


  1. If you havent finished the game yet then your options are a bit restricting and hard. It all boils down to leveling up your pc professort level enough to have at least 1 adjutant. Adjutants are like the pair-up featurr in awakening and fate/conquest but instead of letting the other character do a consistent follow-up, it depends on chance assisted by support level. Not only that, adjutant comes in 3 kinds, attack, heal, and guard. I wont go into detail on what each do as you could figure it out but the reason im telling you about adjutant is because of exp climbing. Units acting as adjutant gains exp as you do when dealing damage and killing enemies, so in short, when making a weak unit as adjutant, you remove the risk of that unit dying. And dont worry about class mastery or skill, as they gain both even as adjutant. Here is my take

    Grind your pc so he/she has about 10 levels higher than EVERYONE. Then once you can engage in auxiliary battles, take the one with yellow 3xplamation point as enemies there almost always spawns really high level than the rest. Then send your PC ALONE with just the adjutant you want to level climb. Not only you level weaker units, you also gain a butt ton of gold.

    User Info: ASCIIgodEX

    ASCIIgodEX - 4 weeks ago 0   0

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