Do I have to finish all three routes in order to fully "know" the plot?

  1. Hello there. I'm going to start my 1st playthrough of Fire Emblem: Three Houses tomorrow. I saw some YT gameplays from the very early parts of the game and I know that we have to choose between all of those, well, three houses pretty early. I know that all of those differ pretty much and I have nothing against playing the same game more than once (e.g. Resident Evil 6, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep) but as far as I know this game is...pretty long, even the single playthrough and the real diffrences start half point through the game so after approximately...30 hours? Playing through the same part of the game three times (so spending like 90 hours doing almost the same) doesn't sound like fun. And (that's a little spoiler I saw somewhere on the YT) I know that after finishing one route (e.g. Golden Deers: I want to start with this house) and knowing the plot playing as the other two might be...not as pleasant. What do you say?

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  1. If you want the full story, go for it. You only get snippets of the mindset Rhea and the Lords outside of their home routes. Doing one and ignoring the others will leave you with questions. Of course, if you can't bring yourself to sit through part 1 four times, you could always just look up the story of what happens.

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  2. There are 4 routes, playing all 4 will reveal the complete story

    Golden Deer and Church route are nearly identical though

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  3. All of the routes are different in some way. It's almost the same at the beginning but there's a lot of plot and lore only revealed in a specific routes. If you want to get it all you should play all of four of them but if you only want to play one, Golden Deer wraps up the plot best.

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  4. Thank You all for your answers! Sorry for not responding, exams and stuff: I didn't even start playing FE yet :D I think that I'll at least try doing second/third playthrough after the first one. Thank you once more :)

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  5. I'm on my 2nd playthrough in the same house and the same track (the Edelgard route), but because of different choices I've made and different people I've chosen to get close to, different information is revealed. It all aligns with what I already knew from the first playthrough, but some of the characters reveal details I never knew that is pretty interesting to hear. Helps explains things more. So I know even repeating the same house in a different way can make things a bit different.

    I also saw the different romance option final cut scenes for both Edelgard (experienced it) and Rhea (saw on YouTube) and it was interesting that the plot was the same, the actions were the same from the characters. There were just different perspectives. So that's good to know. I had wondered if I chose the Edelgard route vs. the Rhea route if the story would change to make the protagonist feel like they are doing the right thing. But it doesn't, you just get the same story from a different perspective. Which I liked, I didn't want to feel like I was being lied to by the developers just to make my route seem the best. Haha. I also found that the different people I chose to get close to changed how I felt about them the first time, so it's been definitely worth playing again. Plus my strategy is so much better the 2nd time, my units are hella strong and that's something new.

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