Are male and female Byleths supports the same?

  1. Something that always annoyed me about previous games is that male and female Robin and Corrin has the same support with some people and then different support with other, besides the S support. I mean, I can understand why male and female Robin would have a different support with Chrom and Basilio considering the contexts of their supports, but why with say, Flavia?
    Then there's Corrin having the same supports with people who also has supports with others, like Subaki, Hinoka, Xander, etc. but then having different supports with the people dubbed as "Corrin sexuals" and the child units. Then there's also the case that this was the introduction of same-sex S supports with Rhajat and Niles.
    Is it the same with Byleth? I am mostly curious because of the fact male and female Byleth can marry Rhea, Linhardt, Jeritza, Sothis, Dorothea, Mercedes, and Edelgard, along with the platonic S supports with Gilbert and Alois, who feel like will have similar effects to Gunter to Corrin.

    I guess the real issue here is that...I don't want to waste my time with getting the Byleth supports if all of them are going to be the same anyway.

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    JuicyPiko - 1 month ago


  1. No. The reason why character have different supports in Awakening and Fates is because of the fact they're avatar-sexuals and are given extra character development to make up for their lost supports (which they don't do a good job of). If you look at each Corrin-sexual and Robin-sexual you'll come to the same conclusion as they all have different supports depending on the avatar's sex.

    Besides S supports no matter the gender, characters supports are the same. There are a few differences here and there in how characters word things (Sylvain) but for the most part they're the exact same.

    User Info: Nakedbacon

    Nakedbacon (Expert) - 1 month ago 0   0

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