Why am I not able to recruit Felix and Lorenz?

  1. I did already my research and realized that Felix requires a B+ proficiency in sword and 15 in speed while Lorenz is a C proficiency in reason and 20 in charm, but I already reached both requirements. My best guess is because I need to wait until the mock battle to recruit them which I guess makes sense since I did recruit two people from each of the houses already, those being Leonie, Ignatz, Sylvain and Ashe. Is that why I can't recruit them now?

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    JuicyPiko - 1 week ago


  1. Some units have certain recruiting requirements depending on the route you pick. For example Hilda can't be recruited on the black eagle's route until you make the choice between the silver snow and crimson flower route and she will only join you on the silver snow route. As for Felix and Lorenz, I haven't had problems recruiting them on any of the routes, but you can actually make recruiting easier by raising support levels with the unit you intend to recruit. And you'll want to get Lorenz to at least C because he will leave your ranks on every route except for golden deer and to get him back you have to beat him with Byleth.

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  2. Yeah I've noticed Lorenz, Lysithea, and Ashe has that similar trait of "being spared" if you don't run Verdant Winds or Azure Moon respectfully. I did actually notice Ashe doesn't keep that trait in Crimson Flower for some reason so that's why I snagged him in this time.

    But now with what you said and the first thing that came to mind (which was tea time even though I can't have tea with them), I feel awfully stupid for not using meals as a way to increase their bonds. I'll see if that will work before accepting any answers

    User Info: JuicyPiko

    JuicyPiko - 1 week ago
  3. getting supports can help "skip" recruitment needs e.g. i got Felix at speed 14 and sword rank C+ at B rank support
    i don't know how much the supports do exactly but its alot
    general rule of thumb for recruitment minimum C rank weapon, 15+ stat and B rank support pretty much most characters will be recruitable

    User Info: ZaberZer0

    ZaberZer0 - 1 week ago 0   0

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