will students auto promote to their "canon"(outfit) class once i reach the timeskip?

  1. so i’m right about to do chapter 11, and some of my units just mastered their intermediate classes. i’m wondering if it’s worth it to use seals to promote them now when it seems that according to their timeskip outfits, they change classes automatically. for example, should i promote petra to assassin right now, or will she automatically be in that class after i finish the next chapter and reach the timeskip?

    User Info: bellur

    bellur - 3 weeks ago

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  1. On Hard and Maddening, everyone stays in their class and, depending on the unit, they get 0-3 level-ups.

    On Easy, everyone below is leveled up to level 20 and put into their canon Intermediate class.

    User Info: Mjolnirboi

    Mjolnirboi - 3 weeks ago 6   0


  1. The "canon outfits" no longer apply after the update allowing you to choose whether to use class or monastery outfits. They default to class, so you need to manually set people's costumes to their monastery looks now regardless of what class they are on.

    Doing a new run right now, and just recruited Shamir for example. She's on Sniper as always, but when I went into battle with her she wasn't in her normal outfit like she always used to be. Was in the generic sniper outfit because as I said, it's set to class by default now and overwrites the "canon outfits"

    User Info: s_dubs

    s_dubs - 1 week ago 0   0
  2. whatever class your character are now is what they will be after time skip their is no 'canon' class for characters. this is the same for everything stats, equipment, skills and lvl will be the same pre timeskip to post timeskip only thing that ACTUALLY changes is characters looks and all equipment will be repaired

    User Info: ZaberZer0

    ZaberZer0 - 3 weeks ago 1   5

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