Am I stuck(Black Eagles - Edelgard Route - Chapter 12 - Maddening/NG)?

  1. Chapter 11 was relatively simple, a strong avoid tank Petra, Wyvern Byleth and Bernadetta Paladin (using the Vendetta strategy to 1-shot most enemies/bosses).

    Chapter 12 - oh god. Seteth and his friends (Pegasus Knights) can ORKO any of my units and sadly are all packing Swordbreaker/Very accurate lances guaranteeing that Petra will eventually get hit (went Dancer route for Sword Avo+20). Byleth and Edelgard can pull their own weight (both Wyverns) in damage but still get ORKO'd by pegasi.

    Petra manages to clear the ambush units easily but once Seteth and his buddies come down it spells trouble. Assuming the RNG goddess smiles on me
    and I scrape through this only losing a handful of units outcomes the flying reinforcements which demolish anyone in an instant except for Petra.

    I'm about to try a Flayn-rush strategy so the DK will come out and hopefully carry my team but not sure if that's a good option.

    Should I go back to a previous save at Chapter 9 and load up on snipers? or just keep trying different strategies?

    User Info: Muyalt

    Muyalt - 3 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hi !

    I didn't remember this mission as hard, but I powerfarmed a lot (like using all my healing each battle to get my mage to ridiculous lvl, and putting carries on support on them to get them lvling too). If you have a save chap 9, consider taking time to farm as well.

    If I remember well, you can go for the side without getting Seteth and his friend to move, but I found a site that says the contrary. Reinforcements appears behind at round 11, so if you can't kill all boss before that time, you will have to stay as far as possible. If you did, only Rhea and his friends will come at the top of the map.

    Getting the DK can be good if you have good distant healer, as you can use him to soak first attack from ennemy then clear in your turn.

    Note that after this chapter, there will be many Pegasus knights and wyvern, and they will be thougher. You can always try to lure them with your Petra to get one of them attacking, then focus them with your ranged characters.

    Who is in your team ?

    If you want to reset/go back to chap 9, I can give you more tips to powerfarm xp/classes/skills

    User Info: Myakko

    Myakko - 3 weeks ago 2   0
  2. Hey Myakko,

    Thanks for your detailed reply - I managed to scrape a victory eventually by rushing Flayn with Bernadetta and then following DK with 2 pyshic healers. He tanked one round with most enemies and then Shamir/Edel/Byleth could finish them off.

    Tips to powerfarm exp would be very appreciated - I'm guessing I should make my non-magic classes adjutants to bishops or anything with white magic x2 and then trap a damaging enemy and spam heals?

    I've also started investing into more Snipers, as Hunter's Volley seems to be the best endgame way of dealing with Wyverns/Pegasi but if Chapter 16-17-18 in maddening has Flying immunity then I might need to re-think this.

    Thank you for your help so far.

    User Info: Muyalt

    Muyalt - 3 weeks ago
  3. I'm glad you did it !

    For xp it's indeed the best way to achieve it. You can even force some of your non-magic into magic one (and get some sweet res bonuses for your tanks). Getting xp from killing/harming enemy can be forgotten, but healing tiles enable you to hit him a bit without killing the opponent. Dancing is a good way to xp your Petra too, as dancing give some xp until a given point. Your goal is to use absolutely all your white magic before ending the battle.

    Note that you can also farm classes and weapon skills. Just attack with broken/rusty weapon. That can give you some sweet S/S+ bonuses like damage+5. It's better done early but you can always give it a shot. Note that works too for deplacement skill and more importantly to increase leadership (I don't remember how it's called in english) to get some sweet gambit (you will need them at the end, trust me)

    If you don't want to lose time, don't forget to change your settings. Fast animation on map, no combat animation and skipping ennemy turn. It's a bit annoying when you have to find what killed a unit to rewind but it's time saving.

    I don't know if you play him, but Ferdinand is a good wyvern too. Hope you got Lys and/or Felix too. If you're in NG+, consider buying the crest for the shield relic (I gave it to Edel)

    To illustrate power farming, at the last chapter, my Byleth was 44, my worst unit was Bernie 40. My mages were 54, 57 and Lin achieved lvl 65 (he could tank alone with recovery skill.).

    When I was at your chapter, Lin was something like 50 (I got a bit bored with farming at the end x) )

    I didn't play with sniper at all. Only Bernadetta. (At the beginning, I wanted to go on all flying units but I had to rethink this decision.)

    User Info: Myakko

    Myakko - 3 weeks ago

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