Is it really out?

  1. Is what I've read true and Wave 3 of The DLC is out?. Please say yes

    User Info: JMISBEST

    JMISBEST - 5 days ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Yes it is out.

    Here is some of what you get:
    For Wave 3 DLC:
    -Recruit Anna by completing a special quest
    -A new sauna and the ability to interact with animals can be earned through new quests
    -Maid and butler battalions
    -New types of attire for most students

    As part of the free update:
    -Save slots increased from 5 to 25
    -Battle appearance options
    -Jeritza joins your party in the Black Eagle: Crimson Flower path

    User Info: chaoyun2k

    chaoyun2k - 5 days ago 2   0

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