How do I obtain my skills for different genders in NG+?

  1. Okay so my 1st playthrough I played as M!Byleth. The 2nd time around I played F!Byleth.

    I am going back to my 3rd route to play as M!Byleth when I realized that the skills I mastered previously before as the female (brawl, reason, faith, sword, etc) aren't there in the journal for NG+. I know you can use renown to obtain the skills you have before but it won't let me gain it as the male. When I try to obtain the skills as female it would work.

    Does this have to do with genders? Can I not transfer my S+ skills to a different gender because I didn't reach that with them or is this a glitch?

    I have tried this at least 3 times and it wouldn't work. My friend says it does work for them so now I am confused and lost.

    User Info: OrangeJuice12

    OrangeJuice12 - 1 week ago


  1. If it's a gender locked class you won't be able to.

    User Info: omarssikins

    omarssikins (Expert) - 1 week ago 0   0
  2. Are you talking about class abilities? You should be able to buy those back with renown. I'm playing as male Byleth right now and I bought back triangle attack and darting blow from Pegasus knight which is a female only class.

    User Info: Dusty128

    Dusty128 (Expert) - 1 week ago 0   0

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