Am I stuck (Blue Lions Chapter 13 Maddening)?

  1. After the painful process of getting making it through all of maddening without losing a character, I managed to reach the time skip, yet I did not anticipate the next quest would be so hard.

    I have a level 25 Byleth, and a level 29 Dimitri

    My Byleth has a silver sword, the sword of the creator, nosferatu, and fire.
    My Dimitri has a javelin, a spear, and a silver lance.

    My other units (the ones that join in the beginning at least) can all die from a single enemy, (except for gilbert)

    The worst part is that since there is no battle menu before the fight, I can't change the difficulty

    Is there still a chance I can win?

    User Info: Ferdinand

    Ferdinand - 1 week ago
  2. It's hard to say.

    If I remember well, it's a city and you have some choke point that you can use.

    Try luring the ennemy one or two at a time.

    "On Turn 3, Gilbert and Ashe appear in the northwest corner of the map and Annette and Mercedes in the southwest. Felix, Sylvain, and Ingrid appear in the northeast after a unit reaches the ninth column and the first set of reinforcements have already arrived." from the fire emblem fandom wiki

    If you unit are getting OS, don't use them, except if they can os one ennemy, in that case use them on aggroed ennemy.

    There's a huge gap in ennemy power when the time skip occurs, I hope you will make it !

    User Info: Myakko

    Myakko - 1 week ago
  3. thanks, but even with the chokepoint its pretty hard.

    What I tried doing was to get all stat boosters from my convoy, but the problem was that it took many turns. And I have to start battling before the other units arrive, since if not, enemies will be able to attack Mercedes and Annette.

    Maybe it could work If I placed Dimitri in the chokepoint. have him take up new stat boosters from convoy every turn, and continue this while Byleth heals him.

    Once I clear this chapter tho, il have be able to use my hilda, which should make things a lot simpler.

    Il try the strat when I get home

    User Info: Ferdinand

    Ferdinand - 6 days ago


  1. What I do is lure most of the enemies to where byleth and dimitri start and use the trees to my advantage. Byleth is good at using the trees. Dont bring any of the other characters into the fight unless you want the chests then be careful with ash. All in all use the trees!!

    User Info: Pjink17

    Pjink17 - 2 days ago 0   0

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