Is grappler the best leveling class for a maddening Dodge tank?

  1. The stat growths of grappler are Strength, Dex, speed.

    So if I just set up Ferdinand with retribution and warp(Linhardt Best Husbando) him into the middle of some cover,(Maybe have Alert Stance+ if newgame+) and just let everything run into him...

    I basically just cheese the game?

    His base charisma growth let's him avoid most gambits aswell? (Empire Raiders battalion works as a healing option)

    Heck, Set his goal as Sword + Brawl set him thru some sword classes untill you can class into brawl via teaching give him Dancer sword avoid, and hes basicly max stats by timeskip.

    I'm just not sure if his max stats are good enough for endgame. If I was doing a solo character run.

    User Info: FaithfulWitch62

    FaithfulWitch62 - 1 week ago

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  1. I mean, it's not like class growths matter much, the extra 10% speed from grappler will translate into a whopping 1 speed per 10 levels on average, which in turn is a whole one point Avo.

    Assassin has a +10% higher speed growth and +2 speed mod over Grappler so if you want to go ALL IN on dodgetanking that's probably your best bet (it also comboes better with Sword Avoid due to having Swordfaire as a class skill).

    It's a gimmicky and kind of situational (since you usually want or need some cover) but you can definitely stack Ferdinand Von Aegir's Avoidance high enough so as to consistently see people have 0 hit on him, especially if you do inherit Alert Stance+ through NG+.

    ...Though what difficulty you're playing is also important. I never bothered to try it and haven't done the math so I'm not sure how well it'd work in Maddening specifically, due to the higher average enemy Hit, and plenty of enemies having Swordbreaker+.

    User Info: Da-Big-Boss

    Da-Big-Boss - 1 week ago 1   0
  2. I successfully used Ferdinand as an evasion tank in a NG Maddening run. He wasn't consistently reaching 0%, but it was still very good.

    User Info: Ryacchi

    Ryacchi - 1 day ago


  1. The only class that can get enough avoid to be worth anything on maddening is a flier for the most part.

    Avoid stance+, avoid+10 innate skill on fliers, both make a big difference. Just be sure to dismount to use bushes.

    User Info: FoxyAreku

    FoxyAreku - 4 hours ago 0   0

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