What are the Best classes and units to use/recruit for a maddening crimson flower route?

  1. I’m using a male Byleth so I need a best class for him too. I didn’t know what category this was supposed to go under so I put it under build.

    User Info: Kokoro-chan

    Kokoro-chan - 4 weeks ago
  2. This is my first maddening run so I don't know what I should do.

    User Info: Kokoro-chan

    Kokoro-chan - 4 weeks ago


  1. if this is a New game + run then your earlier team build will be easier
    generally u want a balance of close combat, ranged, magic offensive and support characters
    not including those in your house
    Felix is best swordsman barring Byleth
    Sylvain can be a 2nd choice for cavalier
    Mercedes and Marianne are the best support healers Mercedes especially cause of fortify heals all in range
    Annette is a ok magic user Lysthiea is better but she is a glass cannon
    Leonie is a BEAST as a bow knight
    Ingrid is a great Falcon rider a really OP character if you train her up
    other than that Ashe, Ignatz, Raphael & Lorenz are optional choices for replacements Ashe &
    Ignatz for Bernadetta, Raphael as a meat shield (i don't ever use him), Lorenz as a back up cavalier or mage unit
    For your house
    Hubert & Dorothea OP mages | Lindhardt is a good healer | Ferdinand is your cavalier | Bernadetta your sniper | Petra is an amazing character if you train her | Edelgard is your main other than Byleth and Casper is another meat shield
    Classes are a whole other ball park as some Advance classes are better than Master such as Paladin & Swordmaster are way better then Great Knight & Mortal Savant respectively. Sniper VS Bow Knight is up for debate Sniper has Sniper Volley a really OP Art while Bow Knight has a +2 bow range, 8 movement and Canto ability
    it more or less comes down to your individual playstyle

    User Info: ZaberZer0

    ZaberZer0 - 4 weeks ago 0   0

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