Why do people despise female Byleth's design?

  1. I like it personally, it reminds me that Byleth was a badass mercenary before becoming a teacher. I'm not attacking anyone who doesn't like her design, I'm just wondering why it's so hated.

    User Info: Timid_Taguel

    Timid_Taguel - 2 weeks ago
  2. I don't like the fishnet net stockings or whatever it's called. Her eyes are also really big compared to Male Byleth. M-Byleth has a more badass look overall, in my opinion.

    User Info: middays_deep

    middays_deep - 1 week ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Eyes are just way too big. Outfit is entirely mismatched. Biggest offender is the lace leggings with the one random knee pad. It's like the artist couldn't decide between badass or sexy and instead got the worst aspects of both. Keep in mind this was her outfit before becoming a teacher. If you find this design appealing then good on you but it's such an unfocused design in so many aspects.

    User Info: MrCactuar

    MrCactuar - 1 week ago 33   12


  1. Personal opinion.

    But yeah, the design just seems mish-mashed. Male Byleth looks like a legit professional mercenary. Female Byleth looks like an alt-rock girl singer from a studio-manufactured band.

    User Info: CTBradums

    CTBradums - 1 week ago 18   5
  2. Byleth-M's design looks good for "Ashen Demon". Why Byleth-F's design isn't the same is a puzzlement - Robin's design works well as a unigender look, Corrin's is the same except for the ill-advised bare inner thighs on Corrin-F, and Byleth's design works well on M and not at all on F.

    User Info: KevinCC

    KevinCC - 1 week ago 7   7
  3. I enjoy female Byleth's design because I'm not a delicate little snowflake that can't handle disagreements. It's way better than Corrin's too, hers is way too weird.

    User Info: Kokoro-chan

    Kokoro-chan - 6 hours ago 1   1
  4. Her chest is way too big. Her design is not bad otherwise, but not great.

    User Info: SaberCherry

    SaberCherry - 5 days ago 1   9
  5. She has an unnaturally bloated chest which is simply not attractive to normal people. It may be attractive to some kids who have misguided notions. I think it is better in the long run for kids to see pictures of real humans with human proportions, rather than imaginary constructs with unrealistic proportions.

    User Info: SaberCherry

    SaberCherry - 4 days ago
  6. They're not even that big. I'm fairly sure Manuela's bust is bigger, and it's not like either of them are Camilla or Charlotte sized.

    User Info: Dusty128

    Dusty128 - 3 days ago
  7. If her design is despised, what does that make the males? I think her female design is better.

    Either way, as long as both options are available when she comes to smash brothers 6, does it matter?

    User Info: neji721

    neji721 - 5 days ago 2   11
  8. She need less clothes not more. I suspect she has no ass with those two things cover her back.

    User Info: VioletGekko

    VioletGekko - 1 week ago 8   31
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