Help with Silver Snow Maddening NO NG+ ?

  1. I am trying to finish Silver Snow Maddening but I am at Chapter 15 and doing the prologues. I just want to know if some of these prologues are worth it. I have recruited every character except hilda and rapheal and Ashe and Lorenz left post timeskip. I am also asking for general advice on a silver snow maddening playthrough and which units and classes to focus on and what classes or changes I should make. Currently I use :

    Byleth Male - SwordMaster - ( mastered enlightened one)
    Lindhart - Bishop
    Dorothea - Dancer - ( mastered warlock)
    Petra - Wyvern Rider -( mastered assassin)
    Ferdinand - Fortress Knight - ( mastered paladin)
    Bernadetta - Sniper
    Lysithia- Mastered Warlock
    Felix - SwordMaster
    Seteth - Wyvern Rider
    Casper - Mastered Warrior waiting to change to war master

    User Info: javiVGC

    javiVGC - 1 month ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Lysithea is better as a Bishop > gremory than a Warlock, she doesn't benefit from black tomefaire nor black magic uses x 2, bishop has 5% better res growth and same other growths than warlock, gremory is better overall, dark knight is best on maddening for hit and run with thyrsus and dark mag range + 1 but its too late for that, dorothea is best as a gremory as dancer is pretty lackluster.

    User Info: RedSkyGrishka

    RedSkyGrishka - 1 month ago 1   0

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