Can anyone help me with my first party build for GD Maddening Casual (Dancer Marianne, No Spoilers Please)?

  1. Hello! I’m doing my first run of the game with Maddening Casual, and I’ve JUST completed the first mock battle (no spoilers please) and need help planning out my last few party members before I begin the tutoring. I’ve decided on these guys so far:

    * Claude=The spoiler flying class
    * Hilda=Wyvern Lord
    * Lysithea= Gremory
    * Bernadetta=Bow Knight
    * Marianne=Dancer (Levin Sword and Healing. Thinking of Monk>Priest>Dancer)
    * Mercedes=Holy Knight

    These characters I haven’t decided on (already have Sylvain recruited)

    * Sylvain or Lorenz for Dark Knight
    * Sylvain for Paladin or Fortress Knight
    * Final build for Byleth (Invested into Sword and a bit of Bow atm. Might do the spoiler class for sword and faith)

    And these three characters I was considering recruiting as well, depending on how hard they are to acquire or if they’d have good synergy for everyone else:

    * Felix (Mortal Savant or Assassin)
    * Ashe (lockpicking)
    * Ferdinand (A heavy armor class)

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Accepted Answer

  1. The following is my opinion and others might give you different advice. In general, any unit can be viable if you work with them, but there are some who simply outperform other units in specific roles.

    Ashe: I wouldn't recruit him for lock-picking alone. Keys aren't that expensive and anyone classed as a thief/assassin can lockpick as an inherent class ability anyway. Overall, I've found Ashe to be one of the most lackluster units and many other characters can better perform any job you might give him. If you need another natural bow unit, Leonie and Shamir outperform Ashe. If you want another assassin, Petra outperforms him.

    Bernadetta: of the archers available, I think she comes in third. Leonie and Shamir are generally stronger. The only reason I would take Bernadetta is for the encloser combat art which is very useful at times. However, Leonie and Shamir have otherwise always outperformed Bernadetta in my experience

    Mercedes: she's easily the best healer in the game and performs best as a Bishop or Gremory (get 2x uses for her faith spell list). If you plan to use her as an offensive magic unit then I would consider making her a Dark Knight. The Holy Knight does nothing to increase healing / support ability and Mercedes doesn't learn any hard hitting faith spells to take advantage of White Tomefaire. Dark Knight can do everything the Holy Knight can in regards to healing, but also boosts damage output via Black Tomefaire.

    Ferdinand: he is one of the most difficult to recruit because his B support is locked to post-time skip. My recommendation is that if you only want him to create a heavy armor class then you should consider Raphael (or maybe Alois). You'll otherwise spend a lot of time training Byleth's Heavy Armor skill and you'll probably want to stick that experience somewhere else.

    Felix: he is a great unit, but probably performs best as a Bow Knight. Assassin is a great class for him as well. However, his reason spell list sucks. Mortal Savant gimps what Felix is great at (swinging a sword and shooting a bow) only to add mediocre magic ability. In effect, he becomes mostly mediocre as a physical class and as a magic class if you make him a mortal savant. He's better off as an assassin or bow knight where his true talents (physical strength and speed) can shine.

    Lorenz / Sylvain: I would definitely take Lorenz down the dark knight route and consider Sylvain as a wyvern lord.

    Other thoughts:
    - you don't have a lot of fliers planned; have you considered Ingrid and/or Petra?
    - try to recruit mostly via achieving B supports otherwise you waste experience on skills Byleth won't use
    - if you're playing on casual, optimization doesn't matter so pick the units you like best and have fun

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