How was I able to purchase an S-support without selecting that character?

  1. So I've played all the routes as F!Byleth, and decided to play as M!Byleth out of curiosity for some of the S-supports.
    I was able to purchase S-rank with Ingrid, even if I've never selected her as my marriage candidate (as previously mentioned, I've only played as F!Byleth before and S-support with Ingrid isn't possible as a woman.)

    Did I stumble upon a bug? Or is there a way to purchase further S-ranks without proposing to them?

    User Info: AirTranslator04

    AirTranslator04 - 4 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You playing as F!Byleth before is exactly the reason why Ingrid is availiable as an S-Support now. The game only locks relationship progress when a new conversation needs to be watched to progress further. As female you don't have a S convo with Ingrid so your relation progressed naturally. Because the game remembers how high your max relation with every character was before this new game plus to enable you to buy them back it unlocked the S-support with your M!Byleth.
    Hope I was able to clarify things for you^^

    User Info: Aurora_Lancy

    Aurora_Lancy - 4 months ago 1   0
  2. Ooooh! That makes so much sense now that I think about it. I remember being confused to why I stopped getting the "hearts" in combat even if I had gotten some with her after watching the A-support. I guess that means there must be some kind of threshold/limit since I couldn't purchase the S-support of other characters despite watching their A-support. Either that or you can purchase their S-support if they are in the top 3/the one with the highest relationship points.

    Well, that has given me an idea of what to do in my next playthrough as I haven't found much information on this online. Thank you for your answer!

    User Info: AirTranslator04

    AirTranslator04 - 4 months ago

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