"Combat at Tailtean Plains" map how tf do I beat this?

  1. BE is my third run through on Hard/Classic and the overwhelming amount of beast units makes all the other previous maps look like cake walks.

    My current units I deploy on this map are:

    Edel - Wyvren Lord
    Byleth - Unique
    Hubert - Dark Bishop
    Ferdinand - Paladin
    Bernadetta - Bow Knight
    Dorothea - Dancer (btw she only has one use for meteor so i might have to find something else to take out Dedue quicker)
    Caspar - War Master
    Felix - Swordmaster
    Ingrid - Falcon Knight
    Mercedes - Bishop
    (also all units are at least 4-5 levels above recommended so lol)

    That being said what would be a good strategy of taking on this map with the current units I have unless I need to make some class changes?

    User Info: megamaneggs

    megamaneggs - 4 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I would start by getting the mage in the center to waste its bolting uses on a high res (Mercedes) or high avoid (Ingrid with alert stance) character. Meanwhile, don't move anyone across the bridges as I'm fairly certain you have to cross the bridge to trigger Dimitri's units turning into demonic beasts (although, I was unable to get to any but the first of them fast enough to prevent them from changing so I wouldn't worry about rushing in to prevent it).

    Once the mage has used up its bolting uses, the field opens up much more. At this point you can take one of two options:

    1) If your team is leveled sufficiently and you feel comfortable fighting demonic beasts, slowly move through the map baiting one at a time. Bernadetta's encloser combat art is VERY useful at this point to limit the demonic beasts movement. I relied heavily on this combat art in order to take each beast on one at a time.

    2) If your team is not leveled sufficiently and/or you have trouble fighting the demonic beasts, you can slowly skirt around the edge of the map (go north, and then across the top). Fight only the ones you can't possible avoid. Again, Bernadetta's encloser combat art is very useful to help control how many beasts can actually approach you at once. You only have to defeat all the enemy commanders to beat the map so if you have to, just ignore the beasts. You will still have to beat Dedue though.

    Also note that when Rhea's reinforcements show up, all you have to do is defeat Rhea to cause the rest to retreat.

    User Info: tylerah

    tylerah (Expert) - 4 months ago 1   0
  2. Ah yeah will definitely make use of that combat art from now on and yeah I typically like to aim for Rhea so all of her reinforcements don't start adding up.

    User Info: megamaneggs

    megamaneggs - 4 months ago
  3. Yeah, that combat art is the only reason why I would consider using Bernadetta over other archers. It's incredibly useful

    User Info: tylerah

    tylerah - 4 months ago

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