Can you answer a few questions I have about maddening?

  1. So, I'm going Blue Lions female Byleth for my maddening playthrough. I just got the chance to promote my units to beginner classes.
    I have a few questions I want to be answered.

    1. What classes should I go for with Byleth? (Gauntlets seem really powerful for her, but I don't know if that will work well later on)
    2. What units should I focus on? (Like, units I should recruit, units I should level up, etc.)
    3. Are there any other things I should know? (Like general maddening tactics, things to care about, things to do, etc.)

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    MangoGeomancer0 - 3 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 1 Byleth's classes should prioritize Swords | Magic | Gauntlets so any classes of those 3 should be what you would use e.g. swordsmen, mage or fighter(if male only as they get a unique class for gauntlets)
    2. characters kinda don't matter much only if u want specific characters in your team. Personally i would get
    Black Eagles: Dorothea & Petra
    Yellow Deers: Hilda, Lysthidia, Marianne and Leonie
    BUT if you can quickly raise your professor level and grind out abilities you can recruit everyone
    3. since playing Maddening
    -enemy stats are simply BS most of the time they will straight up 2 strike you 9/10 times
    -your time reset is your best friend
    -money is hella important as grind out money through free battles is hard
    and overall if all else fails reset (L R + -) and load up a save

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Other Answers

  1. Note that most of this is just my opinion and what worked for me. Others might have different advice.

    1. I don't think there's a better end-game class option for Byleth than enlightened one. I know it looks stupid AF, but it simply outperforms any other option. I went myrmidon and mercenary for the class mastery skills of +2 speed and vantage. That +2 speed made a huge difference early on to avoid getting doubled. That being said, brigand and pegasus knight are great intermediate options to get death blow or darting blow. I wouldn't spend too much time training gauntlets because female Byleth can't class into grappler or brawler. Have them on hand to use as needed, but put your effort into training sword and whatever other skill is needed for the intermediate class you want to use.

    2. What units you use is entirely up to you. The only thing to consider is that you should definitely have a variety of strong magic based units, strong physical based units, at least one physical tank, and at least one dodge/magic tank. All of the BL units are solid except for arguably Ashe and Annette. Not that Ashe and Annette can't get the job done, but there are better units who can satisfy the same role if you choose to recruit them from other houses. I'd probably try to grab one of Lysithea or Dorothea to round out your magic users. I'd also probably recruit Shamir or Leonie (potentially even both) to have a handful of decent archers. Other strong units that I would consider include Petra, Hilda, and Marianne. Other than that, definitely recruit Lorenz so that you have access to Thrysis even if you don't plan on using him in your main squad.

    3. In maddening, it will be rare that you can double an enemy unit with a strong weapon. Training weapons and iron weapons are your friends because they both increase your avoid and hit rates as well as your attack speed. Also, training weapons and iron weapons are cheaper and have better durability which is important because you'll likely be using a lot more combat arts to get better damage output and hit rates. I usually kept one steel weapon on hand, but mostly relied on forged training and iron weapons until I had units that had sufficient speed to make steel and silver weapons worth it. Make sure you don't neglect authority on your characters. Being able to equip high level battalions to all of your characters is a huge advantage for the stat boosts (especially for archers and long range magic users so that they can get boosts to their hit rates) and the better gambits they offer.

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