Hilda/Cyril Paralogue on Maddening?

  1. I'm on BL Route and I kinda need the EXP (becuase aux battles gives such crappy exp and also maddening gives u less exp), already had a rough time finishing this on just Hard difficulty, but it's even more annoying in Maddening and it is literally maddening(kek). I'm not even gonna use Hilda nor Cyril for this playthrough but still kinda need the EXP for my bois and gals and before when you arrive on every crappy Armored Knight allies, it's either they're all dead or in low HP. I need halp pls thanks uwu.

    Peeps I'm using for this Paralogue are:
    MByleth - 25 - Warlock
    Dimitri - 23 - Lord
    Dedue - 23 - Warrior (Fortress Knight is bad dontjudgeme)
    Felix - 22 - Swordmaster
    Sylvain - 18 - Mage (Stride boi)
    Ingrid - 24 - Pegasus Knight (Literally my strongest rn, even better than my byleth)
    Hilda - 17 - Brigand
    Cyril - 11 - Archer
    Lysithea - 22 - Warlock
    Mercedes - 25 - Bishop

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  1. I just did this on Hard(NG+), fliers & ranged units with a Stride user on each side were a big help. Byleth 25, Claude 25, Hilda 21, Cyril 20, everyone else was 22 or 23.

    Byleth, Claude, Cyril, Hilda, Sylvain, Ignatz - All in Wyvern Rider(Claude & Ignatz using a bow, the others generally having a 1-2 range weapon & Iron+/Training+)
    Ashe - Sniper(has Wyvern Rider but tried with him as Sniper)
    Lysithea - Bishop, Thyrsus, White Magic Range+1
    Mercedes - Bishop, Gautier Knights(Stride)
    Marianne - Bishop, Gautier Knights(Stride)

    Claude, Cyril, Sylvain, Marianne on the right, prioritized the Wyvern Riders first then Archers. If it was Maddening probably the Brigand would be higher priority than the Archers since I bet he has Helm Splitter due to enemies on Maddening having Combat Arts and can probably one-shot the Armor Knights with it, I'd also check the enemy team for weapons with Armor effectiveness. I would use the same overall strategy again for Maddening ideally also going for the rewards by saving all of them, unless I find it's not possible to one round people at all and any enemy will alway one-round the Armor Knights. If that were the case I'd consider bringing Flayn for Rescue, giving someone Impregnable Wall, maybe some more wide area Gambits to restrict enemy movement(I'll at least have Immortal Corps next time). Worst case we could just Rescue one of the Armor Knights to just turtle at the defend zone, if they'll all otherwise get wiped out on the first or second enemy phase and we can't make any difference in that. I could see this being hugely more difficult if they get Master level units like Dark Knights/Holy Knights/Mortal Savant/Gremory, especially if any have Meteor or Bolting.

    Might be difficult with your current team setup, I would just give Stride to Cyril & Hilda since they won't otherwise likely be much use. Even on a NG you can possibly get a second Seiros Holy Monks from recruitment, so Blue Lions might be able to get a second one from recruiting someone like Lindhardt and if not you can get Gautier Knights from Sylvain's Paralogue. On Blue Lions you can also hire Kingdom Cavalry.

    Probably best to first do Sylvain & Lorenz Paralogues(Thyrsus and his Gloucester Knights Battalion are good enough for me to recruit him ASAP no matter which house I choose) if possible. Maybe Ingrid Paralogue too since the Battalion is really good. This Paralogue seems particularly difficult so it may also be one where I'd actually use some Hero Relics. If possible I'd try to get people into Wyvern Rider or at least Pegasus Knight. I wanted to attack right on turn 1 since I assumed the AI are set to tunnel vision the Armor Knights or for those at the one side of the map to go for the defend zone. Seemed to be true and often meant the enemy target prediction lines were false.

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