How do I avoid missing the opportunity to get supports with certain characters?

  1. I've seen this message a couple of times: "You've missed the opportunity to deepen this bond". What exactly does one have to do to accomplish this? And how does one avoid it? I've only ever seen it happen to supports involving Byleth, but I'm not sure if it's just limited to those. If you know what causes this anomaly, then could you please tell me?

    User Info: Beans345

    Beans345 - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Taken form serenes forest " 88696-time-locked-support-conversations-compilation-thread-minor-spoilers"

    Must be obtained pre-skip

    Byleth x Claude B (but not B+)
    Dimitri x Felix C
    Dedue x Shamir C
    Claude x Lorenz C
    Ashe x Marianne C
    Anette x Ingrid C

    Unique Circumstances

    Byleth x Edelgard - C and C+ must be obtained before Chapter 11 to have the option to continue Edelgard's route (and therefore continue all of her and Hubert's support chains)
    Byleth x Rhea- C is only available during Chapters 5 through 9; B is only available during Chapters 6 through 9; A can only be obtained in Chapters 11 or 12 (only Chapter 11 on Edelgard's route) [[Also, this is the only one of Byleth's support chains that must be activated through the Support Menu (just like the non-Byleth supports)]]
    Byleth x Leonie - C must be obtained before end of Chapter 9
    Ashe x Catherine - You must complete their paralogue (available pre-skip only) to be able to begin the support (support chain itself can be completed any time after that)
    Ashe x Felix B - Also requires Ashe x Catherine paralogue (support itself is not otherwise time-locked)
    Dedue - You must complete his paralogue for him to rejoin you post-skip (and therefore allow you to get his A and S supports)
    Gilbert is only able to participate in support conversations on the Blue Lions route
    Gilbert x Catherine C ; Lorenz x Catherine C and B - On the Blue Lions route, these are only available before the point during Chapter 16 when Catherine returns to her family to request support (?) Because Lorenz (if recruited) does not rejoin you until Chapter 16, his first two supports with Catherine are more or less pre-skip only
    Ingrid x Seteth A+ (and therefore ending) - Blue Lions only

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  2. 1) With the notable exceptions of Alois and Gilbert, every character's C-support with Byleth is only available pre-skip

    2) In addition, all A-supports are locked until after the post-skip, with the exception of Byleth x Rhea, which MUST be obtained pre-skip

    3) To obtain an S-support between Byleth and another character, you must obtain the wedding ring from Jeralt's room when prompted by the game during Chapter 10. If you do so, on the very final day of your route, before the final level, you will have the option of choosing which character to S-support from a list of all compatible characters you have an existing A-support with.

    User Info: Aurora_Lancy

    Aurora_Lancy - 3 weeks ago

Other Answers

  1. It's based on story progression. It's primarily to do with events that occur in the story

    User Info: Mooman

    Mooman (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 0   0
  2. Okay, and is it allegedly possible for this to happen in a support without Byleth?

    User Info: Beans345

    Beans345 - 4 weeks ago
  3. Yes it has happened to me in other supports not involving the avatar

    I have noticed alot of c supports especially locked out after timeskip

    User Info: tonymack21

    tonymack21 - 3 weeks ago

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