how's maddening mode fairing to y'all?

  1. i wonder does the new story content on wave 4 be a paid dlc or what

    User Info: snwy

    snwy - 1 month ago


  1. Huge improvement from Awakening's Lunatic mode which I personally didn't enjoy. It felt too restraining.

    Maddening mode however is the exact right amount of difficulty I've been asking from a Fire Emblem game since the days of Ike. It's difficult but not so difficult I'll spend days stuck on one chapter. So yeah, I like it very much :)

    User Info: TheBlackEagles

    TheBlackEagles - 1 month ago 0   0
  2. I feel Maddening adds the difficulty Three Houses lacked at launch. I've played through Chapter 1, but already I've had to think way more about what I'm doing. It feels weird to me it wasn't included at launch, but it's definitely gonna improve this playthrough.

    User Info: SolarisStartear

    SolarisStartear (Expert) - 1 month ago 0   0
  3. So far no real complaints, just readjusting takes awhile,

    User Info: LiverMushCDFS

    LiverMushCDFS - 1 month ago 0   0
  4. call me a noob... I gave up...the changes to the screen and my completeionista-trait didn't manage to motivate me to play the game in new game 0 maddening... have better things do do with my time then restart about ten times each chapter because RNG screwed me over.

    User Info: Aurora_Lancy

    Aurora_Lancy - 1 month ago 0   0
  5. Not recommanded until either you are lucky, either they remove the RNG on level up for this mode where chaining bad level literraly doom any chance to make it.

    User Info: SSShakuras

    SSShakuras - 4 weeks ago 0   0

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