When is Rhea's B support cut off??

  1. I'm at chapter 10 month 1, and I reached B support with her but I can't access it as it says that I missed the chance to deepen the bond. When exactly is the deadline to get rheas B support. I'm blue lions btw.

    User Info: DeepAccountant1

    DeepAccountant1 - 3 weeks ago


  1. It's after the burning zombie village mission.

    User Info: WibbleWobbleWok

    WibbleWobbleWok - 3 weeks ago 3   0
  2. You need to get to B Support (and watch the scene) before the end of chapter 9 (month 12). I'm not 100% certain of the A Support cutoff, but I would say it's some time before the end of month 3, so chapter 12 I think.

    User Info: hornet65

    hornet65 - 2 weeks ago 4   1
  3. Usually the cut off point is the end of March for Arc 1/Apparently called before "Time Skip" (even though I consider 'time skip' is when you get the ability to back track moves because you're 'time skipping' back turns). This goes for if you're trying to recruit members outside your house. Some Paralaouge have the cutoff point of February 22 though for Arc 1/before 'Time Skip'.

    User Info: NaclynE

    NaclynE - 5 days ago 1   4

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