Verona for Supply Run quest?

  1. From the context, given the use of Verona in so many different meal options, I assumed that it was some sort of vegetable and grew a ton of those. Different combinations of vegetables, root vegetables, and the like.

    When that failed to produce any Verona after dozens of reloads I went to google. It turns out that Verona Tulips are a pale yellow flower. So I spammed Yellow flower seeds. I mixed them with white flower seeds. I tried just white flower seeds. Nothing.

    There was another person, several weeks back, who asked on the GameFAQs forum how to grow Verona. There was not, however, any useful reply. If anyone knows what seeds to use, leaving this side quest unfinished for several months now is driving me crazy!

    User Info: MintPsychic07

    MintPsychic07 - 6 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. The regular Vegetable seed, Eastern Fodlan, Southern Fodlan and Nordsalat seeds are able to produce Verona

    User Info: SkylarAlpha

    SkylarAlpha (Expert) - 6 months ago 4   2

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