NG+ when should i recruit?

  1. So since I can basically recruit anytime I want on NG+ apart from immediate Lysethia( for that Death Knight kill) and Slyvain( for BE cause I really don't like Ferdie) when should I recruit everyone else I want?

    Should I wait until the very last pre timeskip chapter for the best stats?

    User Info: HermelinHero

    HermelinHero - 3 months ago


  1. I would recruit asap since then you can be teaching them for as long as possible

    User Info: Mooman

    Mooman (Expert) - 3 months ago 0   0
  2. Wouldn't they all be at extremely low levels until I can deploy 10/11 units?

    User Info: HermelinHero

    HermelinHero - 3 months ago
  3. Not necessarily. Since you've already stated this is NG+ file, I'm going to assume that you went ahead and upped your professor level. With that, you can assign three students to be adjutants to your army. These three students will get exp every time their host fights, allowing them to stay competitive. Your full team plus three should be all you ever really need.

    User Info: NYGinge

    NYGinge - 3 months ago

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