How can I defeat "The Immovable"?

  1. The beast from the Paralogue “Legend of The Lake” seems almost impossible to beat after it’s last stock (HP bar).

    Does anyone have a certain guide I can follow? Like what levels my character should be, what items and weapons I need and how I should go about fighting the beast etc.

    If any additional detail is required about my characters, I’ll provide.
    (My main characters are M!Byleth, Felix, Mercedes, Dorothea, Ferdinand, Leonie, Ignatz, Petra, Lindhardt, Lysithea, Marianne, Caspar and Catherine. All of them are at around levels 33-35)

    User Info: TheBlackEagles

    TheBlackEagles - 6 days ago


  1. He is extremely tough and hell double anyone that attacks him when near the last bars of health. Basically make sure all shields are down, attack out if his range if u can and only attack with characters that can withstand his counter attack. It's a slog but he can b beat. I was a lower level in my game

    User Info: kliss_attack

    kliss_attack - 5 days ago 0   0
  2. I have tried but he keeps healing himself :( and range doesn't work, he can attack from anywhere.

    User Info: TheBlackEagles

    TheBlackEagles - 5 days ago
  3. It is an extremely tough match. Looking at your team composition, your pretty solid level wise so I'm not sure.

    User Info: kliss_attack

    kliss_attack - 3 days ago

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