How do I get silver fish?

  1. I have a side quest to get 2 silver fish, and I have no idea how to tell if I’m catching silver fish. Help?

    User Info: Nemfreak

    Nemfreak - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. When you go Fishing, you will have 3 (sometimes 4) chances to hook a fish. A blue icon on the bottom of the screen indicates a small fish, a red icon means a big fish and a gold/yellow means a rare fish. You want to press the A button when a gold/yellow icon appears. Using better bait and getting a Perfect combo will increase your chances of getting silver fish. I have heard there is a Rainbow colored icon for really rare fish but I have not encounter it yet.

    User Info: ZelosXT

    ZelosXT - 1 year ago 13   10
  2. Thank you! This is super helpful :) the explanations I had seen up until now weren't very clear

    User Info: Nemfreak

    Nemfreak - 11 months ago
  3. Yes, Rainbow colored icon is a thing. Fish such as Goddess' Messenger are considered rainbow catches. Actually just got one yesterday and HOLY HELL THE STRUGGLE.

    User Info: GeralfCecani

    GeralfCecani - 11 months ago
  4. ^This is correct. The Rainbow fish only happen on certain days on the calendar with the fishing event called "Mystery". The Goddess's Messenger is one of the 3 Rainbow fish. And like GeralfCecani said it is a struggle. The timing is a faster on the "reeling in" part and unless you get quite a few Perfect combos you will run out of stamina. Use Herring bait for those days. Using these fish in cooking (the one on one one, not the dine with 2 others one) will rise up to 3 stats temporarily for that month. Or you could send said fish as a local specialty online and make a few bucks. I saw one person post about sening a Goddess's Messenger came back with 47k after just a 1 day worth's of online time. Seems it's in high demand like umbral steel and Master Seals.

    User Info: ZelosXT

    ZelosXT - 11 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I got two silverfish with the exact same setup: Insect Larva > yellow fish > Good rating

    User Info: Badlisa

    Badlisa - 11 months ago 24   9
  2. UPDATE: I have verified that you can also catch Silverfish with Insect Larva/PERFECT as well as with a Pond Snail but only with a GOOD rating, PERFECT awarded something else.

    User Info: Badlisa

    Badlisa - 11 months ago
  3. this worked the first try, thank you so much

    User Info: PrincessN0v5

    PrincessN0v5 - 11 months ago

Other Answers

  1. I believe there is two different types of rare bait and snail that would help get it. Seems like snail and the 4 and 5 star baits help. If I remember right silver is either red or gold. Usually I skip blues and wait for a red or gold fish. You have up to usually three tries before losing the bait. At times 4 but usually at 3 I yank the fish regardless of rarity.

    User Info: NaclynE

    NaclynE - 11 months ago 1   4
  2. When you fish, you have about 4 chances to reel in a fish. They can range from a small blue icon, (small fish) and large blue icon, (large fish) or a giant red icon. (Giant fish) Outside of these three fish types there are also event fish. On certain days on the calendar you many find events on a free day with a fishing symbol. Outside of the fishing tournament during chapter 7 these events are usually "fish of mystery" events that allow you to catch rare fish. These fish include the silver fish, golden fish, and the platinum fish. These show up with a large golden symbol and are "glimmering fish." You can also obtain rainbow colored fish which you only have once chance to catch one per playthough. I only encountered one once and I failed, not I'm not even sure what the reward is for catching one but I'm sure it's good. Remember, glimmering fish and mysterious fish can only be caught on days with a "fish of mystery" event active. Hope this helped!

    User Info: KrimsonBlox

    KrimsonBlox - 11 months ago 1   9

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