Support ranks menu exclamation trouble?

  1. I recently started to give some characters I like such as Felix and Lysithea gifts, and they are both C rank. Now all of a sudden there is an an exclamation on my support menu, but there is no speech bubble for me to go and trigger. Is it possible I just need to continue the story, altho I don't won't to screw this up and go ahead and miss out cuz i didn't do something. Help anyone?

    User Info: SonicDiamond

    SonicDiamond - 2 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There's no other support convo's ready to go? Just have a look at all of them. Sometimes, there might not be an obvious speech bubble. In this case, it might be triggered after certain story events.

    User Info: SkylarAlpha

    SkylarAlpha (Expert) - 2 months ago 0   1

Top Voted Answer

  1. I was told by someone I probably need to advance the story further to trigger the event, so I'll try that and hope it works. Thx tho.

    User Info: SonicDiamond

    SonicDiamond - 2 months ago 1   0

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