Should I do Felix's "True Chivalry" or Seteth and Flayn's "An Ocean View" paralogue?

  1. I have only one activity point left and I can only do one of these. The other one will no longer be available after as it’s almost the end of the month.

    Which paralogue battle will be more beneficial for me? Which one has the better items and stuff?

    User Info: TheBlackEagles

    TheBlackEagles - 4 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Flayn and seteth's they give you a unique lance that's effective against cavalry as well as a staff for your mages.

    User Info: Dusty128

    Dusty128 (Expert) - 4 months ago 4   0
  2. Whi ch is also a unique item.

    User Info: Dusty128

    Dusty128 - 4 months ago
  3. thanks!

    User Info: TheBlackEagles

    TheBlackEagles - 4 months ago
  4. The Cadeuceus Staff gives +1 range to units with the Crest of Cethleann and restores HP every turn. Using it on lindhart currently and it is fantastic.

    User Info: AnimatedJester

    AnimatedJester - 4 months ago
  5. The staff gives the +1 range to any unit, regardless of crest. Having the correct crest just gives you the regen feature.

    User Info: Mavoc

    Mavoc - 3 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Do every single paralouge. They disappear after a bit and completing them can give you exclusive items and gear as well as altering the story for the better in some extreme cases. (See Dedue's paralouge. EXTREMELY important that you do that one and Seteth's)

    User Info: KrimsonBlox

    KrimsonBlox - 3 months ago 4   3

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