What is the easiest way to beat the immaculate one in Fire emblem Three houses?

  1. I have been stuck on the immaculate one fight for a week now. I have stuck with the same team since the start and have not recruited anyone to my house (The black eagles). Now idk what to do. Can someone give me a cheat or an easy way to beat the fight.

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    MasterG4ming - 6 months ago

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  1. The battle against the Immaculate One itself isn't extremely difficult if you are using your units right.

    I finished it and I have to say getting to her was more of an issue than it was actually defeating her. Make sure you take out any enemies within her range that can be a threat and group all of your units near her attack range so they can take turns dealing damage to her. Also keep in mind that taking out important characters will trigger reinforcements the following turn as you advance to her. For example, taking out Ashe, Annette and Gilbert will summon Pegasus Knight reinforcements. Be aware of that. So make sure you're in the clear when you're fighting her. I would also advance to her with your units grouped together going to ONE side, as it makes things MUCH easier than when they are split up like how the game has them set in the beginning.

    You will most likely be needing to heal a lot. So as you advance to her make sure you save your Psych's and other healing spells as well. One nice thing about the Immaculate One is that chances are, she won't be doubling any of your units with her low speed and her damage output isn't even particularly high either. Have your best and tankiest units use their gambits to break her barriers so you can rush some of your units in to deal big damage. Chances are they are able to take a hit from her but be mindful of the damage they are taking. Gambits don't necessarily need to be used to break her barriers either, normal attacks can do the trick as well. Bring units into her range every turn who can take a hit AND deal damage, heal them then rinse and repeat. Byleth should be a good option here as well as Edelgard who both deal good damage and can soak up hits. Be mindful of her Wrath that activates on her last break bar though as it boosts her crit rate significantly. When her barriers are down Is when you should be trying to rush in as many units as you can to do as much damage as possible. Fortify also works wonders on this map.

    It may take a while but if you go slowly and steadily, keep all your units together on one side and use your powerhouses against the Immaculate One victory should be yours

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  1. I had a hell of a time with this fight, especially on her final life bar when she's taking 2-4 points of damage per hit in most cases. When I beat her I only had 3 characters left standing.

    You really need to throw everything you have at her as well as use Gambits to get past her defensive field that reduces all damage by 70%. You can also use this to draw her attention onto your tanks. Otherwise just check all your attack types and use what is most effective. Lay into her with all you have, don't worry about durability, etc. just get that damage. I didn't wipe out all her nearby support first which was a mistake, you'll want to do so. This will let you focus on her while reinforcements or far away allies for her take a lot of time to make it to you. Most of my party was around level 38-45. I had just the Black Eagles and the teachers that joined.

    I had my healers hang back out of her range and use physics to heal when necessary, though they eventually fell to the reinforcements when they arrived.

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  2. In my experience I only needed 6 units to take the Immaculate one out, and I pulled it off in just two turns once I'd reached The Immaculate One. The units I used were: Byleth (Enlightened One), Edelgard (Emperor), Leonie (Bow Knight), Dorothea (Dancer), Petra (Assassin), & Lysithea (Gremory). My Edelgard was capable of just tanking The Immaculate One's hits with no trouble (her having a Hexlock Shield may have helped with this though).

    But, what I did was have Petra hit The Immaculate One in a single space (Petra easily dodged the counterattack that followed), then I had Leonie attack the exact same spot as Petra to fully shatter the barrier and then fall back to Dorothea's position (since Leonie had Canto due to being a Bow Knight). Then I had Dorothea give Leonie a second turn, which I used to have Leonie attack the same spot again, which finished off the first health bar and then had her fall back again, where I then had Lysithea top off her health as a precaution. Next, I had Edelgard attack that same unprotected space with Aymr (she landed a Crit, too) which cleared off a second health bar (leaving The Immaculate One with 2 left). Then I ended my turn early while keeping the rest of that 5 unit team out of range.

    The Immaculate One used her turn to attack Edelgard, who took the hit without suffering any damage.

    Then once my next turn rolled around I had Edelgard attack with Aymr again (and to my delight she landed a second Crit) which cleared off an entire health bar again. And then finally I had Byleth move in and hit that exposed space with Sublime Heaven, which Crit as well and one-shot that final health bar....and even in the event Byleth failed to land the finishing blow, I still had Lysithea within range with Seraphim readied so that Lysithea could finish off The Immaculate One if Byleth failed to do so.

    Just remember that The Immaculate One counts as both a Monster and as a Dragon, so Blessed weapons and Hero Relics will do a ton of damage to her, as will the Seraphim spell (which in Lysithea's hands hits like a truck loaded with several tons of TNT if she's targeting a Monster-type enemy).

    I only needed to use Divine Pulse one time throughout the entire fight because Catherine's very first action in the battle was a Critical Hit that one-shotted Ferdinand, and I wasn't about to let my Great Knight & secondary tank just die like that.

    But even if you did not recruit any non-Black Eagles, the same philosophy should still work just fine. The majority of my own team was still Black Eagles units, after all. The only non-Black Eagles I actually used in the battle were Shamir, Leonie, & Lysithea...and any of those three can be replaced by Black Eagles units pretty easily. For instance, Hubert can be roughly as effective as Lysithea, but from an even greater range due to his learning Meteor (which can also be used to clear a cluster of "fodder" enemies since it hits the map in a "cross" pattern) and the absurd range that that particular spell has. And Bernadetta can pretty easily replace Shamir or Leonie.

    Perhaps I was overleveled for the battle, (I think my Byleth was around level 50 at the time, but everyone else was closer to 45-48), but the map wasn't exactly a cakewalk, it was only The Immaculate One herself that seemed to go down relatively easily, at least to me.

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  3. Her non-counter attacks only deal about 35-40 damage or so, so as long as you've got a few healers who can fortify you should be OK. Focus on a single square and make sure it's always broken before you use your heavy hitters. Fliers help because you can swoop in, hit her, then retreat away from group. Try to get units manning the artillery too, since that's an easy way to break the shield.

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