How to get s rank with sothis! NEED TO KNOW?

  1. I'm doing the GD route and I'm at chapter 13 ish. I think I need to do the church route but don't know how. I really what to "marry" Sothis.

    User Info: Poopkidzy

    Poopkidzy - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Easy - Before Final Battle you be asked to give someone a ring - You be able to choose from any character that you have A Rank and at the end of the list will be Sothis mark as "???" - Chose that one, beat the game and watch an extra scene with your sleepy cat... I mean Dragon Waifu...

    User Info: PrzemoRi

    PrzemoRi - 2 years ago 23   12
  2. You do God's work my good friend

    User Info: Poopkidzy

    Poopkidzy - 2 years ago
  3. when exactly does that happen? I beat the game and was never given that option even though I had 4 possible S ranks

    User Info: enigmaofabsolut

    enigmaofabsolut - 2 years ago
  4. In chapter 10, there is a ring in Jeralt's room. If you don't retrieve it, you won't get the S rank prompt at the end of the game.

    User Info: PantySausage

    PantySausage - 2 years ago
  5. I've gotten to the end of Golden deer, and Sothis or "???" doesn't appear. What did I miss?

    User Info: riophilip

    riophilip - 1 year ago
  6. No "???" choice at the end of the list, just a "No One", so there IS some requirement to get her

    User Info: SSShakuras

    SSShakuras - 6 months ago
  7. In case y'all are still wondering or for anyone else coming along, in order for her to be an option you just need to select enough of the right dialogue options with her during White Clouds.

    User Info: Frenzify

    Frenzify - 3 months ago

Other Answers

  1. You have to A rank support Rhea to get the option.

    User Info: compy439

    compy439 - 2 years ago 6   68
  2. Nope - Stuck with C rank 'coz I've unlocked B rank after going Super Saiyan so I couldn't see it anymore and I've still been able to do that.

    User Info: PrzemoRi

    PrzemoRi - 2 years ago
  3. Didn't even have any Rank with Rhea in my playthrough and still married Sothis so this definitely isn't true.

    User Info: randy191919

    randy191919 - 2 years ago
  4. You do not have to have A rank with Rhea to marry Sothis. Sothis is the default option. Where did you get this idea?

    User Info: KrimsonBlox

    KrimsonBlox - 2 years ago

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