"Collecting" S ranks?

  1. Hi!

    So I was wondering... Is it possible - as it was in FE Awakening and Fates - to "collect" S-ranks? Let me explain, in the two previous games (Echoes not included) there was that simple technique that consisted on:
    Begin a fight with all the characters you wanted a S support --> Save --> Do the fight while pairing with one --> Have the S-rank --> Save in a new slot --> Charge the first save --> Do it again.
    With that you could have all the supports possible in one save (Awakening was different since it was in the extras but still).

    Is it possible to do the same here? Thanks in advance!

    PS: Please no spoilers, I'm only chapter 2 lol

    User Info: Ayumi9797

    Ayumi9797 - 2 months ago


  1. I am unsure if that strategy can be used in this game. Your MC seems to be the only one that can be S-ranked with another character. I think it's best in this game to build supports over time.

    User Info: protobakurion

    protobakurion - 2 months ago 0   0
  2. Yes sure but I'm asking if we can get all possible S rank for the MC in one save

    User Info: Ayumi9797

    Ayumi9797 - 2 months ago
  3. I believe the answer is both Yes and No. If you are just wanting it for the "Extras" Section on the main menu, then yeah it would probably work, but NG+ only takes the data from a cleared save, which would only have the 1 support which you completed the game with. So no, they wouldnt all carry over thorugh that and be unlockable with renown UNLESS you had S-Ranked with the people in previous runs in the same NG+ chain.

    So NG let's say you romance Edelgard, in NG+ you can buy up to her S rank with renown, in that run however you decide to romance Dorothea instead, Well, then in your next playthrough you would have it available for both Edelgard and Dorothea.

    User Info: AnimatedJester

    AnimatedJester - 2 months ago 0   0
  4. That strategy can't be used in 3H, HOWEVER you can save before choosing a partner, then completing the final chapter. Save in a new slot, reload the old one, choose a different partner. The only downside is that you have to complete the final chapter, so I'd play on Normal.

    User Info: EliBug54

    EliBug54 - 1 week ago 0   0

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