Why can't I use heal?

  1. My hero is a myrmidon but I made faith his goal to learn heal and he did. My two monks also have heal. My hero can't use heal in battle (it has 10/10 usages but is greyed out) but nowhere in the came can I find where it says what abilities a character can use because of their class. My monks can use their healing spells without issue. Why can't my hero use heal? and if it's because he's a myrmidon where does the game specify that?

    User Info: ObedientChef28

    ObedientChef28 - 3 weeks ago

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  1. Only mage classes can actually use magic. If a class's description doesn't mention being able to use magic (usually in blue text), that means you can't use magic while in that class.

    If you want Byleth to be able to use Heal, you'll have to reclass him to Monk.

    User Info: OfficialPotato

    OfficialPotato - 3 weeks ago 3   0
  2. Or just wait until the end of Chapter 10 to worry about Byleth using magic....for "reasons". And for the same "reasons", I'd advise against using a Master Seal on Byleth, since it'd be a bit of a waste to "rush" him/her into a Master tier Class, better to use your first Master Seal to promote someone like Lysithea into a Gremory.

    User Info: ArcherGilgamesh

    ArcherGilgamesh - 3 weeks ago


  1. In the class menu or certification menu it will say for each class if they can use magic or not when you select a class. Myrmidon cannot use magic.

    User Info: shadowgendo

    shadowgendo (Expert) - 3 weeks ago 0   0

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