Are there any secret characters to recruit?

  1. I was wondering if there are any secret characters in the game to recruit. Like Stefan in Path of Radiance. Or, are all the recruitable characters limited to the obvious options you encounter at the Academy?

    User Info: DragorithRath

    DragorithRath - 3 weeks ago


  1. Nobody's found anything like that so far. They all seem to be based on the route you pick, like Fates but even more forgiving.

    That being said, you can expedite the process with characters from other houses if you recruit them to your house pre-timeskip. Unless they have some super important event that's scripted, or you for some reason upset their faction (church people are kinda flighty if you upset them) you'll get them right after the first post-timeskip fight.

    User Info: coconutarmy1

    coconutarmy1 - 3 weeks ago 1   1
  2. I didn't receive anyone else after the timeskip for the most part. (I think I got one of the Golden Deers during the fight). I was the Black Eagles, I'm not sure if that played into it.

    User Info: MephistoXv

    MephistoXv - 2 weeks ago
  3. Update, I think you need to have had a support level with characters pre-timeskip to have a chance to recruit them post-timeskip. I just ran into a character who wasn't important to the plot, and he died no matter what because I basically ignored him.

    User Info: coconutarmy1

    coconutarmy1 - 2 weeks ago
  4. All characters you recruit pre-timeskip will come back to you after the first post-timeskip battle, except for ashe in GD, lorenz in BL and lysithea in BE. Those 3 will still be recruitable by defeating them (with byleth i think) when you see them appear, but will not gain any support levels unless you already recruited them pre-timeskip

    User Info: RedSkyGrishka

    RedSkyGrishka - 3 days ago
  5. The only thing I can think of is that I think Gilbert is a Blue Lions exclusive.

    User Info: Calamarii

    Calamarii - 1 week ago 0   0
  6. Is he? Welp then. I am S.O.L.

    User Info: GeralfCecani

    GeralfCecani - 1 week ago

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