Does advancing main quest early/late in the first years horsebow moon month change the outcome?

  1. When looking for flayn it says you can proceed but the entire month will be skipped. Is the narrative urgency also a mechanical one?

    User Info: SaddleRanger10

    SaddleRanger10 - 6 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. No urgency. I accidentally progressed it right away. The game auto tutors for you and treats the weekends as Rest, which is a big waste. Enjoy the month. Flayn isn't going anywhere

    User Info: kliss_attack

    kliss_attack - 6 months ago 3   0


  1. I did other stuff on the rest of the weekends leading up to it and the cutscenes leading up to that fight were the same, so I'm assuming you're fine waiting.

    That being said I didn't test out the battle's outcome to see if anything different happened, so it might possibly have future repercussions, though I kinda doubt it. I'd just use those weekends to progress unless you really want to speed through.

    User Info: Membou

    Membou - 6 months ago 2   0

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