why can't I get support for Edelgard ?

  1. I have this arrow mark on the support conversation, what does it mean? It says "it will take some time before you can deepen this bond" do I have to progress the story?

    User Info: joker1995

    joker1995 - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. if it says "it will take some time" that means you are not far enough into the story for the support conversation to happen

    User Info: VampirialSin

    VampirialSin (Expert) - 1 year ago 27   5

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  1. this has already been answered, but for future readers, it's not just Edelgard that has story locked support progress. There are many characters with story locked support progress.

    User Info: Chinmi_Ironfist

    Chinmi_Ironfist - 1 year ago 14   0

Other Answers

  1. Its locked behind story progress

    User Info: OzG

    OzG - 1 year ago 8   2
  2. Edelgard is locked behind Story Progression, her C support is separated into 2 different parts that will occur throughout the calendar. Her B support will trigger after you choose to protect her in the holy tomb chapter, and like all characters, her A support is after the Time Skip

    User Info: SirHaloFan

    SirHaloFan - 1 year ago 7   3
  3. Usually for part 1 you can only get to a certain point like B or C in Part 1 (up to March). then in Part 2 you should be able to have acsess to A. if you want to continue pursuing it to S you have to beat the game to obtain S. Other characters do obide by this rule too where C and B can be done in part 1 but can hit A being their max in Part 2/post March.

    User Info: NaclynE

    NaclynE - 1 year ago 5   3
  4. Once you have enough for the next support conversation you wont gain any more support till after it triggers, And unlike most characters some of Edelgard's conversations trigger by passing time on the calendar rather than finding her on the map.

    User Info: Runeweaver

    Runeweaver - 1 year ago 2   2
  5. I see above the C two "
    And 1 of them is blue, so perhaps if ya get the other one blue?
    Or ya need a special place on the map .

    User Info: deahteye

    deahteye - 1 year ago 0   4
  6. Usually the special "blue" ones correct require you to be at a certain meeting spot like a blacony, the table area by the garden etc. These are always marked on the map. If you're unsure of the locations feel free to keep pressing R to expand the maps or RZ to look at all the locations of the monastary to see who, what and where people are.

    User Info: NaclynE

    NaclynE - 1 year ago
  7. I have the same issue I've been battling next two Byleth 3 times and given her tons of gifts at the monistary and it still won't work (i have the same issue as the original poster)

    User Info: Edelgard3215

    Edelgard3215 - 1 year ago 1   5
  8. Dude I'm the same but with Dimitri
    Being B support and close to A since November and now it's February... I hope its time skip related or else I'm gonna be real pissed

    User Info: PurpleYellow

    PurpleYellow - 1 year ago
  9. Similar to Eldegarde you can start making a relationship with Dimitri from C to B in part 1 of the game but part 2 post March/Part 2 you can go beyond to A. S at the games end.

    User Info: NaclynE

    NaclynE - 1 year ago
  10. Just do it the old fashions way; let the chars fight together!
    Don't know it that works yet :P

    User Info: deahteye

    deahteye - 1 year ago 1   6
  11. Just do it the old fashions way; let the chars fight together!
    Don't know it that works yet :P

    You can actually get support conversations very easily in this game by doing various activites with with chars. It's just I can't for the life of me get a support conversation trigger with Edelgard.

    User Info: joker1995

    joker1995 - 1 year ago
  12. That idea ALWAYS work on previous FE games such as Awakening and Fates.

    User Info: SailorCallie

    SailorCallie - 1 year ago
  13. Responding to SailorCallie's statement Talk is only reserved during battle between allies who know your characters or is do via story reasons for that stage. The only ways relationships can be built in this game is more or less done at the monastary through gift items, favorite gift items like fashionable hairpin for Dortheia or Scruffy armored doll for Bernedetta as examples, combat pairings within good amount of range as deatheye says, adjundant pairings as long as the two characters can C-A/S, finding blue "lost items" during "exploring", or eating or cooking with said person. Talking does a tiny bit help but you have less of the ability to in this game in comparison to Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, Awakening, and Fates.

    User Info: NaclynE

    NaclynE - 1 year ago

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