What will happen when the chain gauge is full?

  1. After doing Puyo chains and Tetris line clears, what will happen when the gauge is filled up all the way?

    User Info: Hikawa42

    Hikawa42 - 3 months ago


  1. The gauge will first fill up with all greens. If this fills up, the gauge will then begin to fill up with a yellow color indicating a 2nd layer. If this fills up all the way, the gauge will begin to fill up with red. No player that I know of has filled up their gauge with all red. All damage is still scaled between these colors as if it were one big gauge.

    As the damage dealt with the gauge filling up with all yellow is going to be near impossible for the puyo player to offset it, many speculate that it will stop once its full red (likely equal to a blue comet or 1440 garbage puyo).

    User Info: Life_Sympathy

    Life_Sympathy - 3 months ago 0   0

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