How do I beat the Orange boss?(Can't remember) Orange

  1. This boss is the only one I'm having a problem with. This one keeps summoning infinite skeletons and then does a weird ring that makes them go insane. I have unlocked 2 heroes. I tried stacking double attacl on rogue all the way to 96 but almost killed him. Too hard. Its pretty hard for me to go all the way back 3 worlds to lose again. Plz help me! Thanks in advance

    User Info: Rush2112fan

    Rush2112fan - 3 years ago


  1. The main trick to beat this boss is to backstab the skeletons. Concentrate your attacks on one line of skeletons to clear a path as far to the right on the playfield as you can. Now if you send somebody to attack a skeleton far on the right side of the field, if you swap their lane with another character's, as the first character slides back to the left, they'll hit any enemies on the way back. Each hit won't do that much damage, but if you just send a ton of heroes sliding back this way they can do massive damage when the lanes are full. That's the only way, short of a really good area of effect spell combo (like Lightning + Water) to keep the skeleton numbers down. Also, if you pay close attention, you can time an attack or spell to interrupt the boss's spellcasting, which can help in a pinch. Good luck!

    User Info: moshingsafely

    moshingsafely - 3 years ago 0   0

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